Butter-Poached Lobster Tail with Sambuca Flambéed Fennel Recipe

Around here, Lobster Thermidor gets all the love. It’s almost the perfect Thermador dish.

Lost in the shuffle are all the other lobster recipes.

Until this week.

Thanks to our brand new Thermador Web Experience, we now have “Butter-Poached Lobster Tail with Sambuca Flambéed Fennel” on the Thermador menu.

If you’re looking for that new lobster recipe, well, here you are!

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Recipe: Butter-Poached Lobster Tail with Sambuca Flambéed Fennel

2 lobster tails
4 cups butter
6 bulbs fennel (julienne)
Red peppers (julienne)
Tarragon (picked from stem)
Sambuca Liquor
Olive oil
3 Oranges (segment half, and cut the rest in half)

1. Place 1½ butter in a small pot over a low flame, add lobster tail and tarragon
2. Simmer on a low flame until butter is melted and starts to show signs of boiling
3. While lobster is simmering slowly, heat a medium size pan on high heat
4. Place oil in pan and then add fennel and sauté till translucent
5. Add Sambuca to fennel off the flame, then tip the pan into the flame to ignite the alcohol
6. Once the alcohol is cooked off, add red pepper and season to taste.
7. Add a tablespoon of butter to fennel; squeeze ½ of an orange into the pan.
8. Place fennel in center of plate, remove lobster from the butter
9. Slice the tail and fan over the fennel
10. Spoon some of the juices collected in the pan of the fennel around the plate, and a small amount of butter over the lobster
11. Place a few orange segments as a garnish around the plate.