With special features like its Extra-Low burners, Thermador is catering to the culinary enthusiast, a demographic that's growing in numbers of late as more people opt to eat at home.

As Zach Elkin, director of Thermador’s luxury division, talked about in a recent post, the future does indeed look positive for kitchen-centric brands. The kitchen is the new central room in the home for family gathering, cooking, dining and entertaining.

This growing trend of kitchen importance has gained even more relevance with the recent tough economic situation, as families re-focus their values by dining at home more often.

What does this trend mean for the Thermador design team? Simple — it means we keep doing what we do best — designing luxury appliances for the cooking enthusiast.

The Thermador Design team puts a major focus on designing products suited for people who really care about cooking, as well making appliances that are easy to use. This has put Thermador in the right position, as the inclination for families to cook at home has increased.

We think about features for both the work week — when people have busier schedules — and for when people really have time to enjoy a multi-course meal. For example, our induction cooktops have a sensor for automatically cooking things like rice and pasta without spill-overs. We combine easy features like this with real gourmet options such as the rotisserie in our Professional ovens, the large 13-inch element on our induction cooktops and the Extra-low Star burner in our gas cooktops for delicate sauces.     

People who really care about culinary perfection and good food have started to spend less on dining out, and have instead decided for the more intimate setting of entertaining in the home. The Thermador design team is totally focused on designing appliances that give these culinary enthusiasts the right tools for preparing gourmet meals. 

Products like our Pro Ranges and Rangetops are perfect for quickly boiling water as well as simmering; our downdrafts allow people to place cooktops in island installations without overhead ventilation, which really opens up space for entertaining; and our large convection ovens are great for preparing several dishes at the same time.

While cooking is certainly the focus in the kitchen, we also design products to support the whole entertaining experience. In that department, see our Sapphire dishwasher that includes a special drawer for chef’s tools and enough space for 18 wine glasses. Or our built-in refrigeration columns that allow virtually endless refrigeration and wine storage configurations.

As this trend continues for people to eat at home more often, and we believe it will, the kitchen will become even more important as the place for family gathering and spending time together. The Thermador Design team embraces this trend and continues to design luxury kitchen appliances that make cooking easy and enjoyable and that let people use their kitchens as the central arena for entertaining in the home.