Thermador's Star Burner

You'll find everything you need to know about the Thermador lifestyle in this blog.

Welcome to Thermador’s new blog!  As a brand that’s committed to innovation, we’re engineering yet another way to interact with the people who matter most — you, the culinary enthusiast who’s so passionate about our products.  Our company of specialists and experts are now at your disposal.

In this space we will take a personalized approach to building our relationship with you.  We have so many different personalities within Thermador, and we aim to bring them all out — culminating here to give you advice, ideas, recipes and everything there is to know about the Thermador lifestyle.  But most importantly, this is a two-way street, where we want to learn from you.  We live for your feedback, because, after all, we don’t create the culinary lifestyle — you do.  Thermador just gives you the tools.

But be forewarned, some of our bloggers are engineers, so cut them some slack on the jargon!

I look forward to our conversations.

–Zach Elkin, Director, Luxury Division