On this month’s Behind the Design, we speak with Marc Thee, the Co-Founder and Design Principal of  Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc. about how to use texture to create a peaceful space. Marc focuses primarily on high-end residential and commercial projects and has been named among the Top 100 designers in the world by Architectural Digest. He also was recently named one of 12 trendsetters in the world by American Express.

We are so thrilled to have Marc on our Thermador Design Council, and on this week’s blog, Marc walks us through how to use texture to create a peaceful space in your home—something we’re all in need of right now!

1. Hi, Marc! What are some considerations to take into account when incorporating texture into your living space?

Never lose sight of choosing your moment when it comes to texture. If you pick your moment there will be a calming effect; you don’t want your textures to look chaotic. Varying shades of color are great and varying fabric textures too if they aren’t combatting one another. Do not lose sight of your initial design goal by allowing yourself to start layering with things and clutter that is unnecessary.

2. What are some of your favorite staples when incorporating texture? What are some common things to avoid?

I love textural outdoor fabrics so much that we have been using them indoors for pet-friendly and kid-friendly environments. Start with a monotone color palette and build on it with patterns for a textural appeal. An example: I personally do not like sitting on leather so I custom design the frame of the sofa in leather but the seat cushions I will do in a textural fabric for comfort. This adds interest and depth by using different textures and mixing leather and fabrics together.

3. Are there any design rules in terms of creating texture when there are other patterns present in a space? If so, do you ever break any of these rules?

I do stress making your home a retreat from chaos and confusion, so I’m not a big fan of introducing too many contrasting patterns. I do however love unexpected moments. I think a large piece of wall art or a sculpture can be your pattern moment vs a bunch of various pillows stacking patterns on a sofa.

4. What tips can you provide about which patterns/colors to create a quiet mood at home?

Varying shades of a similar color will always create a sense of relaxed tranquility. It can be a metallic or a bright color as long as you use the same shade family of colors. Neutrals are always calming but that doesn’t mean colors are not. Fire tones are the only colors or shades that I don’t believe achieve a quiet mood.

5. What are some of your favorite methods of incorporating texture?

Texture needs to be incorporated everywhere in every environment. Each room needs a textural moment whether it is a Kyle Bunting rug in the living room or a textural tile pattern in the bathroom. I would not do my main living space in a textural tile on the floor because it’s too much, use rugs and throw blankets here. You have to know when you pick your textural moment depending on the scale of the space.

6. How do you approach deciding the types of texture and color to incorporate in a space?

Texture in interior design includes a variety of sources from soft fabrics and textiles with movement, to harder materials like stone and wood. One of our favorite elements to use for texture is a custom wall feature. In this beautiful example above, our interior detailers incorporated 3-dimensional wall art. This design embodies an artistic take on traditional built-ins and offers a unique eye-catching element to the space. This design, along with the plush rug, metal and glass decorative items and fresh greenery (all carefully chosen textures for this interior design) transforms this space into a textural masterpiece.

7. What are some easy ways to use texture to create a peaceful space?

A textural wallcovering adds such fullness and mood to a space — you can really create a peaceful environment. Wallcoverings don’t need to be on every single wall, you can do one feature wall and it will make the room feel so much cozier.

8. Do you have any favorite living spaces where you’ve used texture to create a peaceful space that you’d be willing to share?

My bedroom is definitely my post peaceful space. We used a beautiful textural sheer drapery to soften the walls and windows. The textural pattern on my bed wall is “Rise” from my Kyle Bunting collection and it explores the idea of growth, trust and self-confidence through the untapped potential and enduring wonder of the skies. Positive messaging is a powerful thing and living in hope paves the way to unfathomable gifts.

Thanks, Marc! Incredible insight for creating peaceful, calming spaces. For more exceptional design, find  inspiration on Marc Thee’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marctheebrand/

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