Thermador Under Counter Refrigeration

The summer months are upon us, and culinary enthusiasts are preparing to host extravagant outdoor soirees with fresh seasonal produce, sweet desserts and perfectly chilled cocktails or craft beers. Refrigeration is an integral part of entertaining and real cooks know that the cooking process begins and ends with the refrigerator. Thermador Culinary Preservation Centers are perfect for providing the culinary enthusiasts with the ideal refrigeration configuration to fit their specific needs and entertaining style.

On the forefront of recognizing that culinary enthusiasts desire an array of appliances throughout the home to enable seamless entertaining in every room, Thermador is introducing new additions to its built-in, fully customizable Freedom® Collection Culinary Preservation line: the Wine Reserve Refrigerator and Double Drawer Refrigerator.

Beverage Center Zone

The Thermador 24” Double Drawer Refrigerator is the ideal addition to a pool house, guest house or entertaining room within a home. The unit features two drawers and offers three different preservation options including refrigeration mode to preserve fresh produce and cool summer snacks, pantry mode to store items like sugar or salt for margarita glass rims at warmer temperatures and bar mode, to perfectly chill beverages at the optimum temperature. The Double Drawer Refrigerator also has a quick chill button that quickly brings the temperature down to cool items fast.

Wine Refrigeration

Additionally, the new Thermador 24” Wine Reserve Refrigerator is the ideal complement to the Thermador Culinary Preservation line, offering an additional chilling option for the homes of culinary and wine enthusiasts. This appliance can be installed fully flush for a seamless integration into the kitchen, dining room, media room or entertaining area in the home. This under counter refrigerator option makes it easy to always have a perfectly chilled bottle of wine on hand when hosting friends, family and out of town guests during the warm summer months.

Bathroom Refrigeration

Thermador under counter refrigeration is truly the ultimate sidekick to being the ultimate host. From storing hors d’oeuvres, chilled snacks, craft beer, fine vintage wines or the ingredients to make the perfect margarita on a hot summer day these appliances ensure the host and guests never have to stray far for a quick bite or a beverage.