Thermador Under Counter Refrigeration

Over the last five years, Thermador has been at the forefront of a major paradigm shift in kitchen design: personalization. We know that today’s culinary enthusiasts want the entertaining experience to extend from the kitchen into other parts of the home, uniquely designed around their unique style of entertaining.

Thermador broke the mold with its Culinary Preservation Centers, offering a virtually limitless array of combinations and materials to create a custom configuration and look. Now, culinary enthusiasts have even more solutions for their unique preservation needs with the introduction of Thermador under counter refrigeration – the ultimate companion to stand alone refrigeration columns.

Wall of Thermador Refrigeration

The new under counter refrigeration options include the Wine Reserve Refrigerator and Double Drawer Refrigerator. These new options are ideal complements that enable ultimate entertainers to set aside specific zones for leisure and entertaining. These may include a bar area coupled with a Fully Automatic Built-In Coffee Machine, or a guest room breakfast bar with under counter refrigeration and a coffee maker, ensuring a warm or refreshing beverage is always within reach first thing in the morning or while unwinding before bedtime.

Designing with under counter refrigeration creates an opportunity for culinary enthusiasts to have fun with the overall aesthetic and to “mix it up” with different styles, cabinetry and colors that bring ultimate personalization to the home. Whether the preference is to hide the unit behind custom cabinetry or create a bold look with timeless stainless steel, culinary and design enthusiasts have the freedom to build a layout and style with as much – or as little – refrigeration space as they desire.

Wine Reserve Refrigerator

Similar to the Freedom® Collection built-in wine refrigerator columns, the new under counter Wine Reserve Refrigerator is a solution for culinary enthusiasts who desire a smaller, or additional, chilling option for wine in their home. Each unit has six shelves with full extension that can hold up to forty-two 750-ml bottles. Dual temperatures zones allow culinary enthusiasts to store previous vintage reds and whites at the appropriate temperature, while vibration control and UV-tempered glass doors help to avoid the disturbance of sediment.

Thermador Undercounter Refrigeration

The Double Drawer Refrigerator is perfect for the culinary enthusiast who desires a cooling appliance that can be used in a variety of ways depending on their needs. The unit features two drawers and offers three different preservation options: Refrigeration Mode to preserve fresh ingredients, Pantry Mode to store items like flour and bread at warmer temperatures and Bar Mode to chill beverages, such as craft beer, at a colder temperature. Double Drawer Refrigerator offers incredible flexibility as there are removable dividers that can separate the drawers into different areas or double as a shelf. The unit also provides unparalleled cleanability with both drawers equipped with removable, easily cleanable rubber mat, and the dividers can also be removed to be cleaned.

Thermador Kitchen

Whether in the kitchen, a Butler’s Pantry, media room, master suite, bar room or virtually anywhere in the home, Thermador offers unmatched flexibility in creating unique preservation configurations – large or small.