Freedom to customize.  Freedom to go modular.  Freedom to integrate your refrigeration with the design of your kitchen.  The award-winning Thermador Freedom® Collection line of built-in refrigeration, freezer and wine columns continues to inspire culinary enthusiasts with the flexibility to integrate refrigeration seamlessly into their kitchen design, with a concealed venting grille and the option to include custom door panels. With a range of state-of-the-art functionality and features, the Freedom® Collection refrigeration line gives real cooks full control to design their personal culinary studio.

Our innovative line of fresh food and freezer columns offers a portfolio of fully built-in models – available in 18″, 24”, 30” and 36” widths – and accommodates stainless steel for a bold exterior or your own custom panel exterior to compliment the design of your kitchen. The Freedom® Collection allows you to configure your own unique combination of fresh food, freezer and wine preservation columns, as well as our bottom freezer collection. Place fresh food columns in areas where you need them most, and perhaps relocate a less-used freezer column to a less trafficked part of the kitchen, or add as many refrigeration columns as needed to suit your food storage needs.

Additional features include a heavy duty hinge that can open to 115°, allowing full-height, integrated doors and Truly Flush Mounted installation without sacrificing accessibility. Our special pre-assembled bottom freezers are ready to install and are equipped with flat stainless steel panels, as well as Professional® Series or Masterpiece® Series handles—the choice is yours!

Inside the unit, bright LED lighting illuminates from the front and sides upon opening, placing all the food and ingredients front and center on the culinary stage. Full extension drawers will open even when the door is only opened to 90-degrees, and adjustable cantilever racks can be positioned at any level. Plus, each column features its own compressor and evaporator ensuring precise temperature control and ideal humidity levels.

Unleash your vision and reimagine the possibilities in your kitchen with Thermador.