Maria Lichty will soon be cooking delcious dishes such as her pear and brie Quesadilla on her new Thermador appliances.

Editor’s Note: Maria Lichty, creator of the Two Peas and Their Pod culinary blog, has partnered with Thermador to contribute blog posts on an ongoing basis. Lichty, based out of Salt Lake City, is currently in the midst of a complete kitchen remodel, and is replacing her current appliances with Thermador appliances.

When we bought our house two years ago, we knew we would eventually have to remodel the kitchen. It was too small and lacked adequate appliances — not the most ideal situation for the “cooking couple.”

Yes, our pod would most definitely have to be updated. These two peas were going crazy!

So, the first thing we had to decide on was the appliances. After all, we’d be designing our kitchen around our new cooking tools. And what’s a cooking couple without the right cooking tools?

But where to begin? So many choices, so little time….

Luckily, it wasn’t too tough of a choice once we came across Thermador. We love having family and friends over for meals, parties and to taste our latest creations, and we felt that these new appliances would make entertaining fun, and cooking more of an experience.  We made do with our tiny kitchen for a while, but it was definitely time to step it up a notch!

Lichty’s Zucchini Brownies: Maria has discovered a newfound passion for baking desserts with zucchini.

And then we turned our kitchen into a construction zone.

Josh, my husband, is very handy. He has successfully completed several house projects in the past, so when he told me he wanted to do the kitchen remodel, I said sure, let’s do it. After months of planning, we started destruction at the end of July.

After a long month of demo and building, it’s still work in progress, but we are getting closer. Our kitchen will soon have a 36-inch six-burner Thermador rangetop with a stainless steel hood, a Professional Series double oven, a warming drawer, a Sapphire 6-program dishwasher, a convection microwave, and fresh food and freezer columns. Every time we get discouraged, we think of the final product with beautiful Thermador appliances and immediately feel better. Our kitchen remodel is going to be well worth all of our hard work.

Everyone wants to know what we have been eating. When we were living at home, we made sandwiches, grilled outside, enjoyed watermelon and garden tomatoes, and ate a lot of cereal. We also ate out a few times and were spoiled by friends who fed us delicious meals. Friends have also let me use their kitchens to cook and bake recipes for our blog. I didn’t want our blog readers to go without food just because we have been suffering!

The kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash are up next. Then the grand finale — the Thermador appliances! We can’t wait. Yes, living without a kitchen is hard, very hard, but the end result will be worth it. I am starting to see our dream kitchen at the end of the rainbow. In my eyes, that is much better than a pot of gold.

Stay tuned for a kitchen remodel progress update and images. We can’t wait to share our new Thermador kitchen with you.

Below are images of our kitchen remodel journey: