The Two Peas have the 30-inch Built-In Fresh Food Column and 24-inch Built-In Freezer Column.

The first thing people notice when they walk into our kitchen is our Thermador refrigerator and freezer columns. We have the 30-inch Built-In Fresh Food Column and the 24-inch Built-In Freezer Column with Exterior Ice and Water Dispenser. The cabinet depth flush mount design adds to the sleek and clean look of our kitchen. Not only are the stainless steel columns beautiful, they are highly functional. 

The top shelf of the refrigerator is adjustable, allowing us to move a fully loaded shelf with a simple touch of a button. Josh loves to show this feature off to everyone that visits our kitchen. People stand in awe when they see the shelf moving. It is one of our favorite features. 

We also like the large-capacity shelving. We can fit three gallons of milk in the door. The Freeflow Cold Air System ensures that the items in the door are as cold as the items on the shelves. The drawers for produce, fish, and meat have temperature control buttons so we can control the temperatures and keep our food fresh for longer. 

We really enjoy having the exterior ice and water dispenser in the freezer door. We always have filtered ice cold water to drink and have the choice of cubed or crushed ice. We used to keep a separate freezer in our basement, but we no longer use an additional freezer. Our Thermador freezer has plenty of room for our needs. My favorite part is the freezer drawers that pull out. I have one dedicated just for chocolate for all of my baking adventures. 

We love our Thermador refrigerator and freezer columns. Everyone always asks if they can open the doors and look inside. We love giving the full tour, so here is a sneak peek at what’s inside our refrigerator and freezer.

The Liberty Shelf is Two Peas' fav feature of their refrigerator.