Kitchen of the Year

Kitchen Trends may come and go, and every designer has a different take on what is or is not resonating with their clients. A few months ago we sat down and had the opportunity to talk to designer Matthew Quinn about his design in House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year. This time around we wanted to learn more about his thoughts on the heart of the home, how this space has evolved and what his clients are most interested in! Read on for more…

THD: Why do you think the kitchen ends up being one of the most prominent rooms in a home?

Matthew Quinn: Everyone always ends up in the kitchen. This is typically the first room that is visited in the morning and the last before the homeowners go to bed at night – it’s the control center of the home.

THD: What are some new kitchen trends emerging in the industry?

MQ: I’m seeing a lot of working pantry’s, or a butler’s pantry. This space is adjacent to the main kitchen and it provides extra room for the homeowner to install additional appliances for meal prep and for cleanup – like a dishwasher, warming drawer, etc. It’s also a great place to hide dirty dishes and stash extra linens, decorative plateware and more.


THD: What appliances do culinary enthusiasts usually like to select first?

MQ: The hood and the range are usually the first appliances to be picked, or a range top and wall oven combo. The range is often the main focal point in a kitchen. For example, the 60” Pro Grand® Range is a true statement making appliance, it’s huge so three people can cook on it at once! A range like this is the star of the show and the rest of the kitchen needs to be designed around it.


THD:  What’s your take on personalization in the kitchen? In the home?

MQ:  I think that the traditional rules of design are being broken so the client can create a unique layout for their lifestyle. Personally, I love personalizing a kitchen space with refrigeration columns, and it’s really cool that with Thermador we’re not limited to a generic 48” side-by-side but that the refrigerator and freezer can be broken up. In a small kitchen there isn’t too much room to play around with placement, but in a large kitchen everything depends on the lifestyle of the client – we can create individual baking zones, salad zones with the new under counter drawers and more that is separate from the cooking zone.

THD: How do you feel about appliances finding their way in other rooms throughout the home?

MQ: We’re going to be seeing more of it, especially in big houses – entertaining zones are popping up throughout with refrigeration in the bathroom to create a spa like experience with chilled washcloths and refreshments or morning coffee and breakfast bars in guest rooms and master bedrooms.