For today’s blog, we’re joined again by sponsored guest blogger Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral. Today, Jen will walk us through her steps to transform an ancillary space to fit any lifestyle.

When working with an ancillary space, you can create a space that works best for your lifestyle by integrating home appliances in unique ways that you may not have considered. To me, a home can be anything you curate it to be. Whether you are a first-time homeowner, remodeling a home or moving into your forever home, your space is what you make it!

My clients often ask me to help them set routines and create spaces that work easily for their home and the way they live. Here, I’ll walk you through how I created zones in this client’s ancillary space to maximize how they use the space morning, noon and night. Here are some of my favorite tips to set up your ideal morning environment.

1.Ask yourself what you need in the mornings to fill your cup. For this client, it’s coffee (no pun intended), smoothie ingredients, and supplements. I want these items to be as accessible as possible for this client, so naturally, I designate prime real-estate for them.

2.Think of what storage containers you’ll need to give you quick access to your morning must-haves. With the use of a few containers and labels, you can have more time to settle into the things that matter the most in the mornings (aka coffee).

3.Dedicate one small area to be the one-stop shop for all your morning needs. In this case, that means having the blender and coffee maker directly under the drawer that has the coffee beans and protein powder. It’s the small, simple steps that save you time and support you to create the morning routine you’ve been craving.

Like many of us, this client loves to cook, and the dinner experience is a magical, sacred time to gather with loved ones or to enjoy a nourishing meal. I love when my clients have quality appliances, like a  Thermador Wall Oven, because it takes the guesswork out of mealtime, and provides users the chance to indulge in time with family or friends. The best part? No matter what your space looks like, Thermador has appliances that work for you and meet you where you’re at.

An ancillary space is an entertainer’s dream. To transform an ancillary space into a cocktail prepping station, the real magic is in how it is organized to optimize the small space for home bartending needs. As pivotal as making a killer Moscow Mule is, it’s just as important to have an organized set-up (so everything can fit in one desired area) and a proper clean-up plan.

For set up, here are some of my must-have items to bring your hosting vision to life:

Bartender Kit Antique Gold:

Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses:

Drinking Glasses:

Moscow Mule Mugs:

Sphere and Cube Ice Molds:

Gold Straws:

3 Tier Salt Rimmer:

Acrylic Bottle Holder:

Wine Holder:

When you set up your space intentionally and create systems to make your life easier, I promise you’ll find that the time it took to find cooking utensils or set up the coffee station, is now time you have back to yourself, time to connect with your loved ones and ultimately, time to indulge in all the things that fill your cup.