Oh what a year it has been! With the New Year almost here, I am reflecting on the top trending kitchen designs and ideas this year brought us. As open floorplan layouts are increasingly prevalent, I have loved how the look and feel of the kitchen continues to spill over into other areas of the home – with the colors, materials and functionality setting the tone for the rest of your living space. As we prepare for an exciting 2018, here are a few of the top design trends I loved in 2017 that I believe will carry you through the New Year and beyond.

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Designer Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year



A trend that swept 2017, color will continue to make waves in the New Year. Since color sets the tone for the atmosphere of any home, even the simplest splash can completely transform a space. In 2018, edgier hues will reign supreme – with black, charcoal and deep purple shades taking over as neutrals. Minimalist pastels are also expected, as mint greens, sandy pinks and serene shades of blue are being called upon to reimagine simple, modern designs.

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Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge designer David Decker



Kitchen designs have evolved, creating a paradigm shift toward complete personalization. In the coming year, this trend will dominate, with customizable appliance configurations that suit virtually any cooking or design style, to personalized backsplash tiles that brighten up the space. When it comes to the latter, taking a cue from the sultry color palette of the season will serve you best, as dark tones and minimalist mix-and-match designs are most favored.

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Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge designer Shane Harr


As for cooking appliances, the options are nearly limitless. With the new lineup of customizable Freedom® Refrigeration Columns from Thermador, appliances can be mixed and matched to create specialized configurations with design options such as custom panels. Similarly, there’s the option to personalize the 60” Pro Grand® Range, from the cooking surface to the ovens. One trend that’s dominant across the board: sleek, modern styles leading the way.

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Metallic Accents

From fixtures to finishes, metallic accents will be all the rage in 2018. While mixed metals have been a key feature of 2017 kitchen designs, the new year will bring gold, brass and copper to almost everything from hardware, to appliances, to gadgets, to furniture. While the warm finishes add a touch of luxury to the space, the shimmering accents also blend beautifully with many kitchen colors and designs and create an ultra-lavish feel.

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Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge designer Ilivette Hidalgo-Nilsson


Now that I’ve given you my personal take on 2018 kitchen trends, I’d love to hear how you plan to incorporate them in your kitchen designs in the new year! Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social pages: www.facebook.com/thermador, @ThermadorHome and @Thermador.