Thermador Hosted an NYC Steam Oven Media Event Last Week

What a whirlwind of a week for the Thermador Team — we’re finally now catching our breaths!

Now that we have a sliver of downtime, we thought we would share some tidbits from our New York City media event last week to officially debut the Thermador steam oven. Dubbed the Hotter, Cooler, Faster, Better™ Rooftop Culinary Event, the show couldn’t have gone any better.

Except, well, it didn’t really happen on a rooftop.

Constantly refreshing the days leading up to the event, we were sentenced with a 60 percent chance of rain the day of — Oct. 6. We had no choice — we were forced to call an audible. Rain or shine, the show must go on.

We moved it indoors.

Guess what happened next?

Thermador steam oven event

Despite Mother Nature pulling a fast one on us, the event couldn’t have gone much better. The media attendees were quite impressed with the new Steam & Convection Oven, which officially hits dealers this month, and were in intrigued by presentations given by Zach Elkin, Director of Thermador brand, and Larry Santello and Janne Mahan, both Thermador National Product Specialists.

Please enjoy our photos below…

Shape magazine's Rachel Green, left, and New York Spaces' Nicole Haddad.

The Nibble's Karen Hochman discusses the steam oven with Thermador National Product Specialist Larry Santello.

Zach Elkin, Director of Thermador brand, talks about the new ONE TWO FREE advertising campaign.

The Thermador Team

 –The Thermador Team