Thermador is about to take steam cooking to an entirely new level.

This summer Thermador unveils the 48-inch Pro Grand Steam, the world’s first kitchen appliance to offer seven distinct cooking options — steaming, convection baking, burner cooking, simmering, grilling, griddle cooking and warming — with a combination Steam & Convection Oven, a large-capacity convection oven, a six-burner gas cooktop featuring the exclusive Star® Burners, and a fully integrated warming drawer to complete the all-in-one package. Additionally, it houses Thermador’s cooking exclusives, such as the ExtraLow® simmering technology, and a power Star Burner with 22,000 BTU.

“Our latest flagship 48-inch range is the ‘Ultimate Culinary Center,’ representing the pinnacle of Thermador’s kitchen innovation, performance and craftsmanship for the home cook,” said Zach Elkin, director of the Thermador brand. “Judging from the recent success of the built-in Steam & Convection Oven, we believe the market is ready for another game-changing concept with the new Pro Grand Steam Range. Our new professional range empowers home cooks to achieve their best and experience the absolute finest in cooking, whether it’s healthy steam cooking, baking in the large-capacity convection oven, precise simmering on the Star Burners, or just keeping the family meal warm.”

The range will be available in August 2011 at high-end appliance retailers, for an MSRP of $13,995.

Cooking Innovation & Performance

The new 48-inch Pro Grand Steam Range features:

—To maximize cooking possibilities, the Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range offers seven distinct cooking options with four integrated appliances: a full-function combination Steam & Convection Oven; a large-capacity Convection Oven; a six-burner Gas Cooktop and electric grill/griddle option with ProCoat titanium surface; and a Warming Drawer.

—The fully integrated 1.4-cubic-foot Steam & Convection Oven cavity is large enough for a 14-pound turkey, serving 15 people. (A 14-pound turkey takes only 90 minutes to cook in Combination mode, resulting in a moist inside and a perfect crust outside.) The steam oven offers 30 easy cook food programs, and its simple water tank design allows for convenient, spill-proof refilling, and eliminates the need for plumbing modifications during installation.

 —The Steam & Convection Oven enables cooking without using butter or fat, improves overall food quality and appearance, and preserves healthy vitamins and nutrients typically lost during traditional cooking methods.

 Patented six Star Burners with QuickClean base, which allow for more ports and flame distribution, greater heat coverage and a smaller cold spot than conventional round burners.

 Power Star Burner offering 22,000 (Natural Gas) BTU, while the remaining burners produce 18,000 BTU.

 —Four Star Burners featuring ExtraLow® simmering technology that cycles the burners off and on to as low as 100 degrees (375 BTU).

 —Large-capacity 5.1-cubic-foot Convection Oven offers maximum cooking space and nine advanced conventional cooking modes.

—Spacious 1.4-cubic-foot warming drawer holds up to 10 dinner plates. Design

 Highest-grade stainless steel construction and handcrafted in the United States with signature bull-nose design.

 Professional® Series handles and trimkits offer design consistency with any Thermador kitchen.

 —New hydraulic SoftClose hinges prevent the slamming of oven doors, and SoftClose glide doors for the warming drawer.

 Full Access® telescopic racks with integrated easy-grip handle.

—Electronic oven display interfaces to cook timer, meat probe and preheat status.

 —Commercial-style stainless steel knobs.

 —Commercial-style temperature gauges and illuminated electronic displays.