For one of the biggest and best cooking schools in the country, Thermador has been the appliance of choice.

Sur La Table, a cooking retailer that helps set the standard for the home cook, is using Thermador appliances in each of its nationwide locations that feature cooking schools, which amounts to 31 locations nationwide. This includes Sur La Table’s New York City location — its flagship store that recently opened in Hearst Tower.

The combination of Sur La Table and Thermador is a natural one, as both are trend-setting companies catering to the culinary enthusiast. And Sur La Table’s use of Thermador products, such as the 36″ Pro Harmony® Range and Professional Series Wall Ovens, speaks to the significance our cooking heritage carries, as well as how our products meet culinary enthusiasts’ needs.

So book your next cooking class with Sur La Table, and you can experience Thermador appliances as an added bonus!

Sur La Table’s NYC location features the company’s largest kitchen and cooking class location. Last week we paid a visit and snapped a few photos: