Thermador has always been a brand that sets new standards, then raises them higher. So, after redefining dish care with our own unique luxury dishwasher category, Thermador introduces The Radiance Collection: a show-stopping new collection of dishwashers brimming with ultra-luxe innovations and designed for the ultimate entertainer. With the introduction of the statement-making Glass Care Center and completely redesigned Star Sapphire® Dishwasher, the striking new appliances exude luxury living at its finest.

Glass Care Center

As every hostess knows the importance of raising a sparkling glass, Thermador introduces a never-before-seen addition to the dish care industry: the Glass Care Center, the dishwasher designed specifically to accommodate all of your glassware and entertaining needs. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur who likes to shake things up, a beer lover who travels to taste test, or a curious sommelier who collects rare varietals, the Glass Care Center accommodates glassware of various shapes and sizes – from beer steins, to cocktail glasses, to champagne flutes – and features the industry’s largest wine glass capacity of up to 26 large wine glasses.

With a gentle cycle with a no-slip, soft rubber lower rack and adjustable stands designed to keep stems secure, you’ll always have peace of mind that your delicates will be handled with care. And on the top rack, conveniently wash utensils, small plates, cutlery and bar tools that will be ready by the next round. The upper rack also includes a new specialty cutlery basket for small entertaining utensils – designed specifically with the ultimate entertainer in mind.

Offering unmatched cleaning performance, maximum capacity and full customization, the revolutionary Glass Care Center stands out as a stylish centerpiece for any occasion – whether an intimate gathering or a lavish event – and is the perfect addition to any room of the home. Place a Glass Care Center near a wet bar, game room, or even your Wine Preservation Column to ensure that no matter where the party heads, your guests will always have access to fresh glasses.

In true Thermador fashion, the Glass Care Center is not only designed to accommodate your most delicate and cherished glassware, but also is customizable to fit the largest pots and pans. With the Glass Care Center, experience luxe innovation that only Thermador can provide — keeping the glassware fully stocked so you’ll only have to think about keeping glasses full.


Star Sapphire® Dishwasher

When it comes to luxury dish care, redefining the prototype has always been our style. And with the Star Sapphire® Dishwasher, we’re taking innovation to unimagined heights. Loaded with never-before-seen features, the completely redesigned Star Sapphire® Dishwasher is a groundbreaking luxury appliance. Most impressive of all? With the revolutionary StarDry™ with Zeolite™, an exclusive Thermador drying solution, never again will you have to worry about wet dishes and glassware – the two-step StarDry™ with Zeolite™ is the only program that provides ultimate drying. With StarDry™ with Zeolite™, even sturdy plastics and containers with hard-to-reach crevices are dry. No other dishwasher offers this level of drying power and no one dries better.

Representing the careful craftsmanship and exceptional innovation that only Thermador delivers, the Star Sapphire® Dishwasher boasts a bevy of features that make a grand statement – from the Star Speed® cycle that delivers the fastest 20-minute hot water cycle in the industry so you’ll always be ready for the next pour, to the Thermador-exclusive Star Glow that illuminates the inside of the dishwasher in 6 sparkling levels of blue or white light, while providing the option of any interior light color through The Thermador Connected Experience, so you can set the mood that matches the occasion. Offering a first-class experience, the Star Sapphire® Dishwasher stylishly stands apart from the crowd.

The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect

Because enhancing the luxury experience is always top of mind, Thermador is building a personal connection with you in a way like never-before, with the ultra-innovative Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect. The Thermador Connected Experience takes consumers on an exceptional culinary journey by connecting them to exclusive content, unique partnerships and customized product guidance. With features such as Remote Start, you can start the dish cleaning cycle from the Home Connect™ app to help prepare for the next dining occasion. The app will also provide glass care tips for ease of mind, ensuring exceptional results.

With the striking new Radiance Collection, Thermador once again reimagines the luxury dish care category – transcending the boundaries of traditional cleaning appliances.

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