As the most wonderful time of the year quickly approaches, it is time for culinary enthusiasts to dazzle friends and family who are eagerly looking forward to the stunning seasonal décor, mouthwatering appetizers, fine vintage wines and delectable feasts that will surely be a topic of conversation for days.

Whether preparing a juicy turkey, steaming roast or sizzling chicken as the star of your feast, it is important to cook the meat to perfection and ensure it looks just as good as it tastes. With the assistance of numerous features available on Thermador Wall Ovens or the Steam and Convection Oven, your seasonal soiree is sure to be a hit and the choice is yours as to how you will prepare the starring entree of your holiday meal.

Steam and Convection Oven

A great way to cook this year’s turkey is in a steam oven. Steam cooking is not only gaining prominence, but it is widely popular due to the many health benefits associated with steam, as well as the fact that when combined with the power of convection it significantly reduces cooking times. Meat dishes stay moist on the inside and are perfectly browned and finished on the outside. The Thermador Steam and Convection oven offers a 1.4 cubic foot capacity -you can easily cook up to a 14-pound turkey in just 90 minutes when using the oven in Steam and Convection Combination Mode. A steamed turkey will be the juiciest you’ve ever served!

With the assistance of the Thermador CookControlTM temperature probe you will also always know when the main event of your holiday table is ready to be served without fear of over or undercooking.

Double Oven

For larger gatherings, Thermador Professional® Series Double Ovens combine beautiful aesthetic design along with power and ample cooking space to create a mouthwatering main course during the holiday season. The ovens deliver up to 16 cooking modes and have massive cooking capacity, allowing the use of multiple racks for a variety of dishes to cook at the same time – and enough space for a big roast. Plus, with the assistance of Speed Convection there is no need to spend time preheating, allowing culinary enthusiasts to get their main dish in the oven and cooked in less time than a traditional oven.

A heavy-duty rotisserie is also available with the Professional® Series Built-In Wall Ovens, which can hold up to a 12-pound turkey. The rotisserie is the perfect accessory during the busy holiday season as it allows real cooks to evenly heat large roasts and poultry on all sides with a perfectly crisp brown exterior and juicy, moist center.


No matter the size of the gathering or cooking style you choose for the entrée, your Thermador oven will assist you in creating your finest holiday gathering yet. We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and shared memories over good wine and delicious meals!