Thermador was founded in 1916 by William E. Cranston and originally the brand was known as a manufacturer of electric items. Thermador quickly found its calling when it began to invent, manufacture and innovate appliances for the kitchen and design industry. Throughout its 100-year span the brand has defined and shaped the American kitchen to be what it is known as today and during this time Thermador has also introduced numerous designer resources and informative materials for culinary enthusiasts and trade professionals.

Kitchen Planning

In 1959, Thermador published the first Kitchen Planning Guide. The guide still exists today, is updated on a regular basis and is an effective and informative resource that helps designers, builders and architects plan and build a beautiful Thermador kitchen. Today’s Kitchen Design and Planning Guide is an impressive resource that shares product information, appliance specs, cad drawings and photo inspiration showing the endless possibilities that culinary and design enthusiasts can achieve when creating a Thermador kitchen.


In addition to the revered Kitchen Planning Guide, Thermador consistently publishes, and continues to create, informative product brochures, operations manuals, calendars and recipe books to help consumers and trade professionals learn about the brand, the product lines and how to make the most of the wide range of features each Thermador appliance provides. As cooking with steam continues to gain popularity, the brand has also created YouTube videos showcasing how to use the Steam and Convection Oven, as well as how to convert recipes for steam cooking. Throughout the years, Thermador has also published and distributed a sketch book of kitchen plans, The Science of Cooking brochure and various other print materials.Star Burner

The Star® Partner Program, as well as the One-Two-Free® Promotion, are additional programs put in place to give trade professionals the tools they need to bring Thermador into the kitchens of their clients. Star® Partner members receive behind the scenes knowledge and information about upcoming products as well as information about the brand, while the industry leading One-Two-Free® promotion allows designers to help save money for their clients and create personalized appliances packages for them based on their unique cooking and entertaining needs.

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