The entire Thermador team was delighted to welcome the members of our Design Council to our annual summit. Each year, we welcome top designers from around the country to join us for two days of discussion on what is happening in the market, emerging design trends, and how we at Thermador can continue to provide the best support in the field and in our continued product innovation.

One insight all of our designers agreed upon is that culinary enthusiasts continue to want thoughtful, unique kitchen design touches that reflect their personality and tastes. At Thermador, we make it easy to customize many of our built-in appliances. We offer customers the option to place custom panels onto our built-in Freedom® Collection fresh food, freezer and wine columns, and our dishwashers. Our custom hood inserts also make it possible for designers to create a unique hood while providing the powerful ventilation that is so important over the cooking surface. Plus, our two product lines – the Professional® Series and the Masterpiece® Series – offer ultimate performance while providing one appliance design suited for traditional kitchens and another for transitional and contemporary kitchens.

It was also wonderful to hear positive feedback on our two new surface cooking features that we unveiled earlier this month – the Professional Grill and the trimless Freedom® Induction Cooktop. We know how important it is to offer more flexibility for the home cook to find an appliance that will address all of their specific cooking desires, while also fitting within their kitchen aesthetic. The positive reception these two soon-to-be introduced products received reaffirms that Thermador products serve the culinary enthusiast with innovative products for real cooks.

Of course, being Thermador, we know the best way to ensure our designers have a great experience and truly understand the power and performance of our products is to get everyone into the kitchen to cook and enjoy delicious cuisine.




Overall, we were so pleased and honored to welcome these distinguished, experienced and expert designers to share their knowledge with us. We look forward to another great year of collaboration, and sharing more of their insights with the readers of our Thermador blog!