We at Thermador are traditionally known for going against the grain. This time we’re embracing the grain in an effort to address the nation’s obesity epidemic.

This month I’m proud to announce I’ll be starring in a new TV show focusing on the use of grains in cooking, which, numerous studies have shown, creates a more nutritious diet and leads to an overall healthier lifestyle. Set to premier May 12 on Brigham Young University’s television network (BYUtv), “Fusion Grain Cooking with Chef Brad” is currently being filmed at Thermador’s Gallery & Training Center in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The show’s primary focus is to educate people on the practice of cooking with grains, fusing grains with everyday food people eat, and creating meals that are rich in complex carbohydrates and high in fiber, which is a great combination and a key to healthy cooking. Essentially, our goal is to get people away from eating processed foods without compromising taste.

The half-hour show, which will reach BYUtv’s more than 57 million households, is based on the principle that “food doesn’t have to lack taste to be healthy,” emphasizing the notion that many of the foods people eat can be significantly enhanced — both in taste and nutrition — with a knowledgeable use of grains. The show’s pilot episode was filmed in December.

About Brad Petersen

A native of Arizona, Petersen has been Thermador’s executive chef for nearly three years. He is the author of two cookbooks, and has appeared previously on television, radio and in print. He has also demonstrated his cooking skills on QVC and radio commercials.

“Fusion Grain Cooking with Chef Brad” is scheduled to air Mondays on BYUtv. The network is carried on DISH and DirecTV, and reaches more than 33 million households. Additionally, various cable television providers across the United States make BYUtv available to more than 24 million homes.