Thermador has been the star of the kitchen for nearly 100 years, with a history of providing real innovation for real cooks — from introducing the first cooktop and first built-in wall oven to the first built-in modular refrigeration and fully usable induction cooking surface. We proudly provide passionate culinary enthusiasts the ultimate cooking experience with distinctive, well-designed products that offer true power and performance time and again – and compliment every kitchen design.

Whether you desire bold and traditional or sleek and contemporary looking appliances, Thermador offers two distinct design options that provide all the cooking performance expected from Thermador: the Professional® Series and the Masterpiece® Series.

Thermador Professional® Series

For a bold standout in a traditional kitchen, our Professional® Series appliances feature stainless steel exteriors, restaurant style knobs and handles, and truly become the focal point of the room. These stunning appliances are a perfect option for those designing a true kitchen theater, where cooks put on nightly ‘performances’ and dazzle guests with show-stopping cooking flare on appliances that take center-stage.

We offer a variety of Professional® Series appliances to suit kitchens of every size, including our Pro Harmony® and Pro Grand® Ranges, which are available in 30”, 36” and 48” widths, as well as single, double and built-in wall ovens, a built-in steam and convection oven, rangetops and warming drawers. And, of course, the star of this line is the Ultimate Culinary Center™: the Pro Grand® Steam Range. This appliance is a true beauty, and can do it all with six Star® Burners, a titanium grill/griddle, convection oven, steam and convection oven and warming drawer.

Thermador Masterpiece® Series

For cooks who desire the look of a contemporary or transitional kitchen, the sleek design and outstanding performance our Thermador Masterpiece® Series is a perfect compliment. This line of Thermador appliances boasts sleek design of black and stainless steel, with digital controls that offer a look of contemporary sophistication. For those who prefer the appliances blend into other statement pieces, the fully flush installation allows the appliances to virtually disappear for seamless integration.

The Masterpiece® Series features single, double and triple wall ovens; a built-in steam and convection oven; gas, electric and induction cooktops; and warming drawers. One of the standouts of this line is the innovative Freedom® Induction Cooktop, the first full-surface induction appliance with a natural-mapping user interface that recognizes cookware size, shape and position to deliver heat without boundaries, and allows cooks to use pots and pans of any shape and size anywhere on the surface.

To complete the look of the ultimate kitchen, Thermador also offers dishwashers and refrigeration with stainless steel exteriors for the bold standout look or custom panel exteriors to complement the design of your kitchen. The Sapphire® Dishwasher 6-Program is a powerful dishwasher and features our signature Sapphire® Blue light, guaranteed to lend a helping hand in the clean-up process.  Our Freedom® Collection series of fresh food and freezer columns offers a portfolio of fully built-in models that offer custom panels – available in 18″, 24”, 30” and 36” widths –the most design choices in the industry. This allows you the freedom to configure your own unique combination of bottom freezers, fresh food, freezer and wine preservation columns to be integrated seamlessly right into your kitchen design.

Thermador makes a proud statement in the heart of the culinary enthusiast’s home, with appliance designs to suit all tastes and desires. For your ultimate kitchen inspiration, get started with our Thermador Experience or browse our Kitchen Lookbook and begin envisioning the kitchen of your dreams.