We had the honor of hosting a special event last week at the Thermador Experience & Design Center in Irvine, Calif., on behalf of culinary bloggers Todd Porter and Diane Cu, also known as the White On Rice Couple.

The event focused on bringing the blogging community together for a night of discussions about passion for life and cooking. And needless to say, there was a ton of great food.

More than 60 attendees from the Southern California blogging community joined the White On Rice Couple in their first ever ‘White Party,’ where they got to tour our new Thermador Experience & Design Center and get a first-hand look at the latest luxury kitchen appliances in the Thermador fleet.

Yes, we’re way past Labor Day… So why white? White represents a fresh palate. It also signaled a bringing together of the blogging community: a gathering of people who all blog about what they’re passionate about.

Todd and Diane inspired the audience during their keynote address: “Write down your life’s recipe, who you are. Refer back to it, change it. Be yourself.”

The evening included plenty of great food prepared by Thermador Executive Chef Kyle Jakobi. And by the time it all wrapped up, the bloggers all had full stomachs and plenty of memories and inspiration to spare.