The holiday season is upon us, a time when culinary enthusiasts shine in the kitchen. As we continue to explore the various types of entertaining styles, and the unique culinary preservation needs of these entertainers, now is the perfect time to look at the Holiday Entertainer.

The Holiday Entertainer typically focuses his or her entertaining during the major holidays, hosting magnificent feasts with all the trimmings for a home full of guests from near and far. The décor is exquisite, the menu expertly prepared, and every moment of the meal preparation is timed to the minute – the entire experience is executed flawlessly.

In order to host a home brimming with guests and make it all look effortless, the host must have a little help – in the form of the appliances!

Built-In Refrigeration

In the kitchen, a Thermador Culinary Preservation Center featuring a 36” Bottom Freezer Refrigerator will accommodate large catering trays and store fresh ingredients for meal preparation, along with garnishes when it’s time for plating. Full-extension drawers also offer convenient accessibility, meaning that the holiday host can place full platters of appetizers, salads, or marinate meat within the drawer with ease.

Alongside that, a 24” Wine Preservation Column ensures wine is within reach when preparing reductions, sautéing and braising various dishes – or refilling a glass – while engaging guests in conversation as the meal comes together. Additionally, a Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine will ensure a steaming hot cup of coffee, cappuccino, latte or espresso is ready when it is time to serve dessert.

Built-In Wine Refrigeration

To perfect the art of cooking in front of a crowd, a Holiday Entertainer may have a behind-the-scenes secret: a butler’s pantry. This space is where the bulk of the ingredients are stored beforehand, and the prep work gets underway as the ingredients for the meal are washed, chopped, sliced, and portioned so that when it’s time to cook in the main kitchen ‘theater’ everything comes together seamlessly. The butler’s pantry will have several refrigeration columns to store the many ingredients needed to prepare the large, multi-course meal, including another 36” Bottom Freezer Refrigerator to accommodate the large trays. One or two Star-Sapphire™ Dishwashers will also ensure the mess of the prep work is not only kept behind closed doors, but also cleaned quickly thanks to the industry-fastest 20-minute StarSpeed™ cycle that will keep dishes and glasses clean course after course.

Double Dishwashers

In addition to the wine preservation column in the kitchen, a Holiday Entertainer will also have one located in the dining room and perhaps also in a media room or family room where guests will gather after the meal to continue their conversation and holiday cheer.

Because the holiday entertainer often welcomes guests from afar, their guest accommodations are thoughtfully designed to provide additional comfort. A Beverage Center in the guest bedroom may feature a built-in coffee machine for an early morning pick-me-up, a refrigeration column to store beverages and snacks, and a MicroDrawer® Microwave to heat up a midnight snack without worry of waking the host.

Built-In Microwave

Thermador is committed to providing ultimate preservation choices that culinary enthusiasts want and need to make all holiday events a seamless and successful celebration.  With the assistance of highly personalized Culinary Preservation Centers, in an amazing array of sizes and configurations, any room in the home can be arranged to accommodate – and exceed –  the Holiday Entertainer’s needs.

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