Wine Coffee Refrigeration (1)

With home design becoming more intertwined with the lifestyle of the culinary enthusiast, a variety of custom appliance installations are on the rise outside of the kitchen. One of the rapidly growing requests from culinary enthusiasts is to install a home beverage center, which frequently consists of a Freedom® Collection wine column, Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Maker, and sometimes also a refrigerator freezer or dishwasher for the glassware.

In the homes of ultimate entertainers, a beverage center may be located in the dining room or media room, enabling a seamless flow from the hustle and bustle of the culinary action in the kitchen to other areas of the home as the soiree continues – ensuring a glass of wine, chilled beverage or hot cup of coffee is always within reach for guests so they never have to step away from the conversation. It is the kind of dramatic statement in a home that will cement your position as a flawless host or hostess who lets no detail go untouched.

For other culinary enthusiasts who enjoy sipping and unwinding at their own leisure, a hot cup of coffee is a must-have while conducting business or reading in home office or library, while a coffee machine and a wine column in the master bedroom provide a heavenly way to start and end the day.


Because Thermador offers so much ability to personalize its wine columns and built-in fridge freezer with custom panel doors, a variety of widths and fully flush installation, culinary enthusiasts can incorporate their desired beverage center configuration in a beautiful way that evokes the design and purpose of the room in which it will be located, and ensure their chilled beverages and wine will be preserved at the ideal temperature.


Meanwhile, the Thermador Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Maker is an indulgence that culinary enthusiasts and their guests will quickly come to love. The programmable coffee machine will prepare the perfect fresh espresso or cup of coffee at the push of a button, as well as provides the option to steam or froth milk like a professional barista with an attached steam wand for a blissful latte or cappuccino.


Whether your ultimate beverage center is intended for the enjoyment of guests at your frequent gatherings, or for your own enjoyment in your master suite, the variety of offerings from Thermador ensure there is virtually no limit to how you can personalize one around your own style.