The kitchen has and always will be the heart of the home, and today the kitchen is playing a larger role as the entertainment hub and acting as the control center of the home.  As this room continues to serve multiple purposes, design has shifted to accommodate the unique lifestyle of the culinary enthusiast, which is where the art of personalization comes into play. These ultimate entertainers need and want different kitchen layouts, appliances, colors and set-ups to suit their personal style – moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach.

Thermador continues to lead the way in kitchen personalization, offering a wide range of cooking and cooling appliances that offer real cooks the power and performance they desire along with flexibility in installation to accommodate to unique arrangements in the kitchen.

As a culinary enthusiast’s cooking and entertaining experience begins and ends at the refrigerator, one of the first changes that can take an ordinary kitchen to extraordinary is to move towards the ultimate design and storage flexibility of fully flush refrigerator freezer columns. The Freedom® Collection of built-in refrigerator-freezers offers the most flexibility to real cooks so they can select exactly how much fresh food and freezer storage they need based on their personal cooking and entertaining preferences.


Real cooks are increasingly cooking with more locally sourced ingredients, which calls for more refrigeration and less freezer storage space. The Freedom® Collection refrigerator freezer columns provide innovative technology for ultimate preservation, ensuring that ingredients stay fresh until it is time to begin prepping a meal with optimal temperature control.


The custom refrigerators can be installed fully-flush, allowing for custom panels to match the surrounding cabinetry for completely seamless integration, or become a decorative piece of art to highlight the personal design preferences of the homeowner. Progressive homeowners are also coming up with new configurations and placements for these appliances not only in the kitchen but throughout the entire home – ushering in the rise of Culinary Preservation Centers, the future of refrigeration led by Thermador. It is not uncommon to find an entire wall of refrigeration and wine columns in the dining or entertainment room, or an Ultimate Beverage Center complete with a Fully Automatic Built-In Coffee Machine and Star-Sapphire® Dishwasher.

Others are selecting to incorporate a mix of varying sizes of refrigeration, freezer and wine columns together into one large Culinary Preservation Center within the kitchen that is completely personalized to their unique cooking and entertaining style, with custom panels that reflect their own unique design style as well. There is virtually no limit on what type of Culinary Preservation Center can be created to accommodate a cook’s desires.


With the differences in cooking styles, there are different tiers of ultimate entertainers emerging, too – from the weekend entertainer, to the holiday entertainer, to the nightly host and everything in between. The needs of every true culinary enthusiast are different and Thermador strives to not only meet, but exceed these expectations by offering innovative and powerful appliances with the flexibility of ultimate personalization.

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