Birthday Cake

What makes a birthday cake so special? Is it the ingredients? The flavors? The special occasion? We think it’s all of the above! While it’s always a good time to have a delicious piece of cake, birthday cakes are a little extra special. This year, we’re proud to celebrate 100 years of innovation, and since this birthday is a little more special than the rest we plan to continue the celebration all year long.

There are many flavor combinations to choose from, numerous convection oven recipes for a wide range of cakes and many different décor options such as buttercream or vanilla frosting, intricate designs with fondant, whipped cream and sliced nuts or even fresh fruit. The options are endless and always delicious whether you have a taste for a Sweet Rose Cake, a Creamy Chocolate Torte or a simple Sour Cream Coffee Cake. A culinary enthusiast creating a homemade cake can morph into a true artist when experimenting with different decorating techniques, elaborate designs and even presentation when selecting how and where the cake should be displayed.

Coffee Machine

While cake on its own is absolutely delicious, you can elevate the experience by serving the dessert with a perfectly brewed latte or cappuccino, a hot tea, a chilled glass of wine or even a simple glass of ice cold milk. Presenting guests with a scoop of ice cream that complements the flavors of the cake is also a wonderful idea during the warm summer months.

Creating a birthday cake can be just as enjoyable as savoring the finished product – just think of all the tasting you’ll have to do to make sure the batter and frosting are just right! We’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many different cakes and cupcakes for our special birthday, and we wish you a sweet rest of the year complete with many beautiful and delicious cakes!