Star Burner

In 1998 Thermador changed the shape of gas cooking forever with the introduction of the innovative Star® Burner. The switch from traditional, circular gas burners to the patented Star® Burner provided a dramatic change that now allows for the most even flame and heat distribution of any cooktop or range on the market. The unique shape of the burner is not just for aesthetics – it creates a perimeter that is 56% longer than a round burner that is the same size. This allows for the inclusion of more flame ports and the result is a gas burner that delivers superior flame spread and reduced cold spots for faster and more even heating across any size pan.


Featured on the Pro Grand® Steam Range, culinary enthusiasts can find the powerful Power Burner that delivers an industry-leading 22,000 BTUs of pure cooking power for better searing and faster boiling. Whether the cook desires to quickly boil water for a pot of homemade pasta or to sear fresh fish to perfection, the power of the Star® Burner will deliver heat without boundaries.


On the other end of the spectrum is the Thermador exclusive ExtraLow® simmering feature offered on its gas ranges, cooktops and rangetops. This feature offers the widest variety of temperature control of any simmer system as it cycles the Star® Burner on and off to maintain output as low as 200 BTUs/hour. This is an ideal option when creating delicate sauces, gravy or even melting chocolate without fear of scorching or burning, and truly opens up an array of possibilities for the cook.

Culinary enthusiasts no longer have to watch over the sauce and stir nonstop, they can step away and prepare other food or spend time tending to friends and family. The ExtraLow® feature is also a wonderful way to keep food that has been prepared in advance warm because the temperature remains at a low and constant setting and will not continue cooking the dish.

30" Five-Burner Pro Harmony(R) Range

With so many possibilities of the unique Star® Burner, culinary enthusiasts who welcome a Thermador professional range into their home will enjoy creating delectable multi-course meals with ease while effortlessly entertaining friends and family all at once.