With another exceptional Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) behind us, it’s time to finally share all of the exciting news! This year we’re taking things up a notch by embarking on an incredible journey to unveil more than 300 groundbreaking new products and build a personal connection with our consumers in a way like never-before!

Here are some of the extraordinary offerings you’ll be seeing from Thermador throughout 2018.

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In 2018, Thermador is raising the curtain on two distinct collections of products equipped with innovative features and beautiful, bold design. Completely redesigned, the sleek new Masterpiece Collection and bold Professional Collection deliver the seamless culinary experience consumers expect from Thermador.


Masterpiece and Professional Series Ovens

Beautifully showcased within the all-new collections, the Masterpiece and Professional Series convection, steam, microwave, and speed ovens serve as the perfect sous chefs for exceptional cooks. Ultimate entertainers can cook with a multitude of preset modes that help perfect even the most adventurous recipes. Choose the Masterpiece Series for a modern, sleek and refined look, or the Professional Series for a bold, standout design that makes a grand statement. Both styles fit seamlessly into any kitchen style and can be configured with side-opening doors—so you can create the perfect configuration for your culinary suite.

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Continuing to enhance the luxury dishwasher industry, in 2018 Thermador will introduce a suite of luxury dishwashers loaded with a variety of features—most notably, StarDry™, the ultimate drying solution featuring Zeolite.

New Star-Sapphire™ Dishwasher features include Push to Open, allowing you to either push or pull open the unit, as well as Thermador exclusive Star Glow, which illuminates the inside of the dishwasher in a variety of colors, so you can set the mood that matches the occasion. And, with the two-step StarDry™, Thermador delivers the only program that provides the ultimate drying, so all your place settings are ready for use after each cycle and you can get back to serving your guests. No one dries better.

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Continuing the excitement, Thermador introduces a never-before-seen addition to the dish care industry: the Entertainer’s Dishwasher – designed specifically to accommodate all of your glassware. With a tine-less configuration to maximize capacity for wine glasses, cocktail glasses and more, it offers peace of mind while you wash even the most delicate items. The Entertainer’s Dishwasher features a gentle cycle that won’t break or damage glasses, with a no-slip, soft rubber lower rack and adjustable stands specifically designed to keep stems secure. The rack stands are fully adjustable at multiple levels to accommodate different heights and sizes of your glasses. And on the top rack, conveniently wash utensils, small plates, bowls and more, while introducing a new specialty cutlery basket for your small entertaining utensils.

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Freedom® Induction Cooktop

The new Freedom® Induction Cooktop touts the largest fully usable cooking surface on the market within its class, and the entire surface of the cooktop can be used as one large cooking area. Up to 6 pots or pans (36” model) can be heated simultaneously in any position and controlled using a full color touch screen. Exceptional hosts can also enjoy unparalleled freedom of movement without having to adjust settings, allowing for more responsiveness and flexibility.

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The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect

And last but not least, the Thermador Connected Experience. As our relationship with our consumers truly begins with the purchase of our products, with Home Connect we will be able to take our consumers on an exceptional culinary journey by connecting them to more of what they love. Exclusive personalized content, unique partnerships and customized product guidance are just the beginning, and we look forward to sharing more throughout the year.

In the meantime, keep up with us on our social platforms, where you can follow along as we usher in a new era. And a Happy New Year from our kitchen to yours: www.facebook.com/thermador, @ThermadorHome and @Thermador.

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