Evolution of Refrigeration

The Beginning of an Era

The refrigerator is a staple in kitchens all over the world, and it quickly became an integral part of daily life. Much like many other conveniences that can be found in a home, today’s refrigerators are a result of years of innovation. 100 years ago, when Thermador was first established, preserving food was not as easy as it is today – back in the day, the only way to keep fresh items cold was to collect snow and ice and attempt to store it in year-round cellars.

The first step towards refrigeration was introduced in England during the 19th century when wooden iceboxes were lined with tin or zinc and filled with materials to keep the ice from melting. The first commercial refrigerators popped up in the late 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that electric refrigeration was introduced.

Colors of Refrigeration

In 1957, Thermador introduced the first “Bilt-In” refrigerator, which was available in modern stainless steel as well as in five different colors for culinary enthusiasts who were looking to match their appliances to the color and design of their kitchens.

Freedom Refrigeration

Introducing the Freedom® Collection

In 2006, Thermador invented modular refrigeration and introduced the Freedom® Collection of built-in refrigerator, freezer and wine columns.  This innovative collection was the first step towards a trend that continues to grow to this very day – personalization. Culinary enthusiasts want to design their kitchen around their personal and unique style of cooking and entertaining. Thermador fresh food and freezer columns allow cooks to select the perfect size and the right number of columns that they need to be the ultimate chef and host.

Ultimate Entertainer

In 2015, the brand presented Culinary Preservation Centers, allowing for mix and match refrigeration units and unique configurations that perfectly fit within their lifestyle. Different tiers of ultimate entertainers emerged ranging from the weekend entertainer, who hosts friends and family for delicious meals on a regular basis, all the way to the holiday hostess, who typically entertains during the holiday season and requires extra cooling storage for large trays and enough wine for many guests.

Culinary Preservation Center

The following year, Thermador introduced new additions to the Freedom® Collection – the Wine Reserve Refrigerator and Double Drawer Refrigerator – both designed to be installed under the counter. The new offerings are an ideal complement to a Culinary Preservation Center and they also allow the ultimate entertainer to expand cooling storage beyond the kitchen. The Wine Reserve Refrigerator is an ideal solution for those who desire a smaller or additional chilling option for wine in the home, while the Double Drawer Refrigerator can be used in a variety of ways from storing chilled refreshments in Bar Mode, fresh ingredients in Refrigeration Mode or dry goods like sugar and flour in Pantry Mode.

The Future Is Now

In 2017, Thermador reimagined the Freedom® Collection and introduced the new and meticulously crafted 36-Inch Built-In Refrigerator and Freezer Columns—the largest preservation column to date.

With a host of first-of-its-kind innovations, the 36-Inch Built-In Columns anticipate the needs of exceptional entertainers. The Delicate Produce Bins offer extraordinary flexibility with customizable configurations, are easily removable, and equipped with soft-close technology to open and close smoothly. In addition, the unique ThermaFresh System provides the ultimate solution for extending the freshness of meat and produce for longer periods of time. Independently-controlled from the rest of the refrigerator, the bottom drawer of the column provides humidity and temperature control.

In April of 2018, Thermador introduced an all-new Under Counter Collection– completely redesigned and enhanced to provide even more exceptional personalization options. The collection debuted four refrigeration units: the new Combo Drawer Refrigerator and Freezer and new Glass Door Refrigerator, as well as the newly designed Glass Door Wine Reserve and Double Drawer Refrigerator.

The Under Counter Collection embodies everything the exceptional entertainer needs and more. The Combo Drawer Refrigerator and Freezer offers shelf separators for easy storage of drinks and frozen foods, in addition to independent control drawers, and the Under Counter Glass Door Wine Reserve sees to it that a perfectly chilled selection is always on hand – no matter the occasion.

In 2019, Thermador revolutionized the entire collection with a 300-product launch, the largest to date, all culminating with the introduction of the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ . The WIFI-enabled app allows users to adjust refrigeration settings remotely to keep ingredients chilled to perfection, receive notifications when the water filter needs to be changed or if the door is left open, wine pairing recommendations, and so much more.

Venture Beyond the Kitchen

Thermador continues to provide innovative design far beyond the kitchen, bringing personalization to all aspects of a lifestyle or routine—from a sleek home office outfitted with an Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigerator so a bottle of kombucha is always within reach during important calls, to a 24-Inch Under Counter Wine Reserve tucked into a stunning master closet so a glass of merlot can be enjoyed while winding down after a long day.

The Under Counter collection extends the opportunity to personalize every ancillary space in the home—a luxurious bathroom can be outfitted with an Under Counter unit stocked with temperature-sensitive face masks or serums—the possibilities are truly endless.

Refrigeration has come a long way since its introduction, and Thermador has continued to evolve, cementing its position as a leader in the category and delivering personalization possibilities with the modern entertainer and lifestyle in mind. Keep a close eye on our page to follow along as Thermador continues to pair innovation with exceptional design—you will not want to miss what’s coming next.