WIFI homes are becoming the norm and tech is finding its way into every inch of the house—whether it be with a doorbell that can monitor the front porch for an important holiday delivery, or WIFI-enabled smart appliances. Consumers are using tech to transform their everyday routines and elevate the experience of hosting guests. Here are some incredible smart system trends that have personalized all aspects of my lifestyle.

A Smart Suite

My master suite provides me with a feeling of calm before tackling the day. I use my smart mirror (a two-way mirror with an electronic display behind the glass) to read my texts and emails via its virtual assistant. Automated devices make my morning run smoothly while I’m selecting an outfit and reviewing my schedule for the day.

The best part of my morning is using voice control to start my WIFI-enabled Coffee Machine. I simply say, “Alexa, start my coffee machine” or “Alexa, tell my coffee machine to make an espresso,” and my Thermador Smart Coffee Machine equipped with The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ begins brewing my favorite morning beverage. At the same time, the blinds in my master bathroom rise, letting in the morning light, thanks to Josh.ai, a smart home control system that works together with best-in-class luxury smart home products to create a customized experience. Being able to simplify my routine and control a few more moments of my morning, allow me to start my day off on the right foot.

Technology at Your Fingertips

As the smart home’s IQ climbs higher, it’s no surprise that technology is beginning to anticipate our every need. I love the ability to monitor the arrival of packages or someone knocking at my front door with my smart doorbell—and it can even tell the difference between humans, cars, and animals moving around in my yard. These intuitive systems enable personalized control and ease of use.

Technology is also becoming more personalized than ever. Thanks to Home Connect, my Smart Dishwasher intelligently re-orders refill tabs, sensing when it’s running low. The Amazon Dash Replenishment provides ease of use and ultimate control, delivering replenishments straight to my front door before I’ve even realized I’m about to run out—one of the best parts about my smart kitchen.

Automated Entertaining

When it comes to entertaining, home automation can help hosts shine—and pairing home automation with wine and music makes for the perfect party recipe. While entertaining, I love using IFTTT (If This Then That), a service that allows me to create connections between my appliances that are paired with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™. My guests love when IFTTT speaks to Sonos sound system and notifies me when the dishwasher cycle is finished by playing my favorite song.

A program like Crestron offers integrated lighting control to add subtle touches such as dimming the room as guests enjoy a glass of wine toward the end of the evening. Technology takes hosting up a notch, providing the ultimate control when it comes to serving your favorite wines at optimum temperature in a Smart Wine Refrigerator—and all three temperature zones can be controlled from the app. The Home Connect™ app also provides wine knowledge that is essential for entertainers. The app offers personalized, curated content from the editors of Food and Wine, from wine pairing recommendations that complement the dish served, to detailed information about specific grapes that will impress wine connoisseurs.

Remote Reliability

In the home tech space, security is always at the forefront, as being able to monitor a home from afar provides the ultimate peace of mind. Whether I’m rewarding my dogs with a treat-dispensing camera or using our AI Thermostat to heat up our home before we get back from vacation, technology provides tranquility and total control.

Being able to monitor our pets and home helps me relax while we’re out and about. I love to keep an eye on our new puppy while we’re enjoying a long dinner—I can speak to her and make sure she’s behaving in her kitchen nook via our pet camera. The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ even enables me to monitor my WIFI range remotely from my iPhone. I like being able to check and make sure my oven is off and even receive notifications if the door to our smart refrigerator is open.

Wondering how to choose the right smart kitchen appliances?

When it comes to smart home appliances, Thermador has the answers. Whether you’re in search of WIFI ranges, refrigerators with WIFI or WIFI smart ovens, exceptional connected appliances are only a click away.

As technology continues to expand, homes only grow smarter. How has technology made your lifestyle or routine a bit easier? What are your favorite smart home appliances? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: www.facebook.com/thermador@ThermadorHome and @Thermador.