Thermador is a luxury appliance pioneer, and our induction cooktop technology provides no better proof. Having already created the first wall ovens and gas cooktops for the American kitchen, we’ve also taken induction cooking to new levels. And we’re not finished: 2012 will mark an incredible advancement in induction technology — with Thermador leading the way.

We’re set to unveil some big things in 2012 throughout our entire line of luxury appliance products. However, this is the year we push the limits of induction and offer to the culinary enthusiast the freedom to cook the way they want. We don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but with the power of 30 international patents behind us, Thermador is about to show you the true capabilities of induction cooking.

On Jan. 8, Thermador will be in Las Vegas premiering a true glimpse of the future at the CES Unveiled media event at The Venetian. Like never before, Thermador will show how induction cooking is considered by many to be the most revolutionary advancement cooking technology has seen in the past few decades.

We previously blogged about how American home cooks are still learning about induction and the ways it differs from traditional gas cooking. Unlike gas cooking, induction utilizes a magnetic field generated by alternating electronic current to efficiently produce heat directly onto the actual cookware, instead of transferring heat from the gas flames to the cookware.

Induction cooking allows for instantaneous, precise temperature control, making it every bit as responsive as gas, only safer to cook with, since the surface of an induction cooktop stays cool to the touch.

We can go on and on about the benefits of induction, but what the world currently knows about this technology can’t really compare to what we’re going to unveil at CES in January. So please bear with us as we set our controls to ‘simmer’ until then…