From displaying stylish dishware to opening up the kitchen space, switching your cabinets out for shelving has become a timeless trend in kitchen designs this year.


Wooden Shelving

To create an organic feel with natural warmth to your kitchen, wood shelving is the ultimate design choice. Whether you opt for stained, natural or even reclaimed lumber for a more rustic look, this style beautifully blends with a variety of kitchen designs. For those who prefer a lighter color palette, elm or white oak gives a serene look that is seamlessly coordinated with the sleek Thermador Masterpiece Collection appliances. For a richer look that perfectly pairs with Thermador Professional Series appliances of the bolder variety, deep walnut tones are a great option.

1Designed by Mark DuBois


All-White Shelving

 All-white has been a mainstay in kitchen design for the last several years. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to the open shelf trend it remains a popular pick. Creating a look that leaves the kitchen feeling even more open and spacious, the shelving virtually disappears into the backdrop behind it. For those with compact kitchens, the all-white style may prove even more useful. Plus, with the crisp, clean color palette, your accent décor and Thermador appliances are sure to stand out and make an even grander statement.

2Designed by Matthew Quinn


Metal Shelving

 For the modern aficionado, bold metal shelving adds the perfect touch to your contemporary kitchen. Radiating a sleek sophistication, metal shelving creates the ultimate industrial ambiance. The vibrant nature of the stainless steel shelving coupled with the smooth, frost-like cabinetry allows for a truly dashing and modern appearance. And what compliments this look better than bold Thermador appliances? It is truly a striking combination.

3Designed by Brandon Witzel


Painted Shelving

Colored cabinetry still reigns supreme as a top trend in kitchen design. And naturally, the painted effect has spilled over (pun intended) into the open shelf arena. Painted open shelves to match your kitchen cabinetry are an excellent choice if you like the look of open shelving, but don’t want them to stand out from the rest of your woodwork. Creating a polished look, the shelving blends beautifully with the rest of your kitchen. To make an even bigger statement, try a bold blue or an equally striking color – your Thermador appliances will perfectly pop.

4Designed by Kaye Christiansen Englert


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