Marble has long been a trend that has dominated in the kitchen – from flooring, to islands, to backsplashes. From sleek and shiny, to speckled and earthy, this must-have material continues to re-invent itself and stand out in a massive way. With the addition of striking stainless steel Thermador appliances, you can perfectly complement marble kitchen designs and complete the stunning look – whether you opt for a modern, sleek and refined aesthetic or bold, prominent design that makes a grand statement. Here are some of the ways I think this timeless yet versatile style will be highlighted in 2018 kitchen designs.

blog 1Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge designer Constance Riik

Playful Patterns

As bold colors make a splash in the new year, so too do playful, high contrast countertop patterns. Realistic veining and stylish swirls make quite a statement in the kitchen – and can add a sense of drama to an otherwise simple aesthetic. For an even more fantastical flair, animalesque prints create a wildly wonderful unique look.

blog 2Designer Caroline Brooks

Monochromatic Color Palettes

The monochromatic kitchen is both stylish and sophisticated, and contrary to its name, is about more than just one solid hue. With various tones of marble, you can create a surprisingly warm look – making use of a range of shades from charcoal to soft slate. Helpful tip: work your way down, shade by shade, going slightly darker or lighter with each added element. A best-done monochromatic color scheme makes sure to mix various versions of one color, including its tints, tones and shades. The result is a statement-making stunner!

blog 3Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge designers Ashley Tisius & Chris Cunningham

Earth Tones

Laid back earth tones are seeing an upswing in 2018. Instead of more daunting shades, you are likely to find soft beige and brown marble tones taking over. At a time when natural lighting is also becoming more common in kitchen designs, the combination of the effect of natural light and earthy shades aids in giving the space a more expanded look.

blog 4Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge designer Barbara Preston

Classic Color Schemes

White marble is one of the most timeless styles in kitchen design. There’s nothing quite as calming as this traditional color scheme, and when paired with luxe fixtures makes for a modern classic look. The crisp white beautifully contrasts with the pops of gold, creating the ultimate luxury feel.

blog 5Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge designer David Leask

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