Editor’s Note: Jaden Hair, creator of the Steamy Kitchen culinary blog, has partnered with Thermador to contribute blog posts on an ongoing basis. Hair, based out of Tampa, Fla., will be replacing a handful of her appliances with Thermador.


Because my husband Scott and I both are self-employed and work at home, our schedules are incredibly flexible….which means we can travel quite a bit and work from anywhere. My parents are retired now and they too travel a ton. My bachelor brother is also a travel hound, which makes all of our living situations very fluid. We’re a close family and I guess you can say we’ve purchased homes “strategically” on the East Coast (Florida), Midwest (Kansas) and West (Vegas) so that we can make “camp” in any one of those homes. One thing’s for sure, regardless of location, the kitchen is the most important room in the house….well, at least for me and my mom.

Jaden describes her kitchen, which will soon be undergoing a revamp, as the most important home in her house.

My parents are currently in my brother’s Kansas home, awaiting delivery of our new Thermador appliances. The kitchen in this home is brand new with a very open and flexible floor plan. The home came with nice but not fabulous appliances. They work but nothing to brag about.

We’re replacing the range with a 30-inch Pro Harmony gas range, adding a Steam & Convection Oven and swapping out the dishwasher and the microwave as well. Because the layout of the kitchen was already perfect (there’s also a center island for prep), we won’t be doing any other remodeling.

I’d say that the number one most important item in the “Kitchen I Love” is a gas cooktop. I’m a gas snob, I admit it. With gas, I can very easily control temperature, turning the flame up for searing and 2 seconds later turning it down for simmering. Also, I’ve learned to cook via visual cues, and the height and intensity of the flame are signals that I use in my cooking.

What I look for is burner power (BTU) and simmer control. Because I do a lot of wok cooking, I need the flame to be strong enough to lick the sides of the wok. But at the same time, I also want a back burner to be able to have a very small flame to only produce simmering waves, blips and small blurps in my soup pot. Too high of a flame and the soup boils too rapidly, producing a cloudy stock.

The Pro Harmony range delivers the power that I need – four Star Burners with 18,000 BTUs each – two of them feature ExtraLow which means hallelujah to clear stock…..and a mean stir-fry.

Hopefully, my next post will showcase delivery of the Thermador appliances!