Still not hip to the steam cooking trend? If not, this Thermador recipe will help bring you around: Mixed vegetables with lemon cream cheese sauce.

Steam cooking is hot, on the rise–heck, any pun will do–thanks to its ability to capture both flavor and nutrients in many different kinds of dishes. There’s hardly a better example of this than with vegetables. And while no one can argue the value of getting your daily greens in, we’ll still tempt you by adding a delectable lemon cream cheese sauce into the mix…

This, as well as many other steam-based dishes, is suited perfectly for your Built-in Steam and Convection Oven, as well as Thermador’s new 48-inch Pro Grand Steam Range.

Don’t forget: Thermador revolutionized the wall oven concept, helping to usher in a new era of not only steam cooking, but cooking in general. That trend continues today with Thermador’s creation of the Pro Grand Steam Range, AKA The Ultimate Culinary Center.

Take it from us, we’re not just blowin’ steam. Enjoy!