The Thermador Steam & Convection Oven, set to debut in October, will provide restaurant-quality food for the home chef.

The Thermador Steam & Convection Oven, set to debut in October, is the luxury appliance industry’s first pre-programmed oven to combine three distinct cooking solutions: steam, convection and a combination of the two. With these modes, cooking options are endless. Today, I will discuss cooking with steam, and cooking with steam and convection.

There is good reason for getting all steamed up:

First and foremost, cooking with steam is much healthier because there’s no loss of vitamins and nutrients when preparing your favorite vegetables. There is also no need to add additional fats or oils.

But steam is not just for the healthy hearted: Preparing your one-of-a-kind dessert is more palatable than ever with steam. Are you a custard fan? Bring the fun back into making it with ease – there’s no need for a water bath and the results are simply silky.

Last but not least, with a steam option your favorite seafood restaurant now has competition. You can easily prepare your signature seafood dish with the new oven. How about some freshly steamed mussels or clams? We’ve all heard of smoked salmon – but how about steamed salmon? The possibilities are endless! Look for Thermador signature steamed recipes to debut here in the coming weeks.

Cooking with steam and convection:

Just when you thought you made the perfect French bread, roast, casserole or dessert, cooking with Thermador’s Steam & Convection Oven will take your favorite recipes to a whole new level.

Re-heated pizza just might taste better than the original with the Thermador Steam & Convection Oven.

The bakery may be a thing of the past if you love to bake – using Steam & Convection will give you the perfect crusty Artisan Bread, French Baguette or your favorite pastry. From proofing to baking with ease, you will only experience the perfect beef tenderloin when cooking with steam and convection – the roast is perfectly seared on the outside and sooo juicy on the inside. And the even cooking throughout is phenomenal.  Normally, the outer edges are more well done than the middle of the roast. Not any more – if you want a medium-rare roast, you get a medium-rare roast from end to end.

But wait…there’s more! Want to cook multiple dishes at once, without the flavors transferring? Not a problem with the new oven. Now you can cook fish and pie at the same time, and not end up with a fish pie!

How about those leftovers? If someone in your family doesn’t eat leftovers, that’s a thing of the past. Steam and convection will refresh your food and the results are as if it was just prepared (just like restaurants do). For proof, check out this test Endless Simmer did on re-heating pizza.

The ultimate benefit may be that with the Steam & Convection Oven, dry or burnt food will be a thing of the past – now every home cook will be able to complete recipes at home like a professional chef!