Thermador Culinary Preservation

You already know that Thermador originated the built-in modular refrigeration concept, and that we made it even better with our Freedom® Collection. Well this year, we’re making cool even cooler with a completely refreshed line of Thermador Culinary Preservation Columns. Whether it is a unique wine brought back from an adventure overseas, or a special herb from the local market for an enhanced family recipe, every cook knows how important it is to keep ingredients fresh and flavorful. The entire cooking experience truly begins and ends with cooling appliances! The new refrigeration collection allows Culinary Impressives to create their own bespoke kitchen with columns and configurations that fit their exceptional needs.


We’re excited to expand our collection—the biggest we’ve had to date—to include more fresh food storage with a 36” single door refrigerator, a 36” freezer column and a 23 ½” single door column that can fit a preexisting 42” or 48” cutout when paired with an 18” or 24” freezer column. Opening the door to a freezer or fresh food column has never been easier with the new Open Door Assist feature. This allows culinary enthusiasts to simply push the door and it will pop open, so there’s no need to aggressively pull on the door to open it. If the homeowner prefers to pull the door, this option can be managed through the electronic controls on the column.

The fresh and modern design of the new collection is enhanced by glass shelves with aluminum trim, which perfectly align across columns for a stunning symmetrical aesthetic. The placement of LED theater lighting in long tiles along the sides of the column provide even lighting ensuring everything can be easily seen and is beautifully illuminated. Every aspect of the columns is also controlled by the newly designed electronic TFT display, which matches the sleek aesthetic and is located at the top of each column.

Delicate Produce Bins


Improperly storing fruits and vegetables in a refrigerator that is too cold can be harmful, as they may suffer from chilling damage if the temperature and humidity isn’t properly controlled. Freshness is more than just the color and appearance of produce—Culinary Impressives desire solutions that will also preserve the aroma, flavor and crispness. In order to meet this need, Thermador is introducing the new ThermaFresh System. The two drawers within the refrigerator columns provide optimal humidity and temperature control by increasing the circulation of air. Using the TFT control, culinary enthusiasts can manually adjust the temperature in bottom mount refrigeration, while it is automatically maintained in single door columns. Additional features like the FreeFlow® Cold Air System and Super Cool are also in place to ensure optimal freshness of ingredients and other items stored in the columns.

Wine Column

Thermador Wine Preservation Columns are also getting an upgrade this year. The new 24” columns will have three independent wine zones and will be able to hold up to 99 bottles of wine of variable sizing (including magnum sized bottles), so start growing your collection! Additionally, the doors offer UV protection so vintage wines are safely preserved; independent wine zones with temperature control so each varietal is stored at the right temperature; vibration control; and a new presenter shelf so the finest wines can be beautifully displayed when sharing with guests. The shelving has also been redesigned and is made from the finest Wenge wood with triangular dowels that provide more stability and an elegant presentation.

Culinary Preservation

Culinary Impressives take pride in their kitchens and the appliances they select to adorn the heart of their home. Our new collection of Thermador Culinary Preservation offerings provides an expanded portfolio that allows homeowners to create unique configurations that make a statement about their entertaining style, as well as their overall exceptional lifestyle.