Mealtime starts with quality refrigeration. The refrigerator acts as your family’s portal to fresh and healthy ingredients – whether they are farm-to-table, or from your favorite grocer. Choosing the right refrigerator can not only maximize your cold storage space and prolong shelf life of perishables, but also make a statement in your kitchen design. Let’s take a look at your options.

State-of-the-Art Design Flexibility

Whether you prefer premium-grade stainless steel or a seamless luxury design with custom panels to match cabinetry, the Freedom® Refrigeration Collection from Thermador can complement, showcase, or blend with your home while matching the preservation needs your customizable design demands.

With custom bins and shelves offering nearly limitless configuration options, your refrigerator will harmonize with your life while bringing an entirely new sense of order to all your preservation. Coupled with theatre-style lighting, your food will be beautifully illuminated, making contents easier to find (and easy on the eye too).

Smart Features to Simplify a Busy Life

What could be better than a luxury refrigerator customized to your needs? A smart one!

The entire preservation line from Thermador is WiFi-enabled with Home Connect™, making temperature, humidity and a range of other controls available whenever, wherever. Whether you’re in a different country or the other room, the intuitive app and smart speaker commands always keep you in touch.

Need your refrigerator to fast-cool for an event that night? Just say the word with voice-activated commands.

Now that you’re up to speed on the latest innovations and features, we’ll explore which refrigerator type is best suited to your specific refrigeration habits and installation type.

Freestanding Refrigeration: A Built-in Look without the Extra Requirements

Yes, you heard that right! True Counter Depth freestanding refrigeration means getting the built-in look without the built-in requirements. With new 72-inch Freestanding Refrigeration, available in both the Masterpiece® and Professional collections, homeowners get the iconic luxury of the Thermador brand, without the need to reconfigure their current kitchen set up.

A few features include:

-Quick Chill setting to cool contents faster

-Filtered Automatic Ice Maker for fresh-tasting ice

-Exclusive twist tray technology produces artfully shaped Diamond Ice

-Stainless steel ThermaFresh drawer mats lift out for easy cleaning

-Illuminated back panel and best-in-class adjustable theater lighting

Bottom Freezer Refrigeration: Accessible Freezer Storage

For storing choice cuts of meat, frozen desserts, and ample ice, an accessible freezer space is a must-have in the kitchen. With Bottom Freezer Refrigeration, available in both built-in and freestanding options, homeowners can choose the configuration that offers their ideal access style – French Door to open outward for a big reveal or Two Door with the same door swing for those with dominant handedness. Layer that selection with the collection that suits your style for a customized experience.

Select Bottom Freezer models include:

-Proprietary Cool Air Flow technology to evenly distributes cold air throughout

-Quick Chill setting to cool contents faster

-Filtered Automatic Ice Maker for fresh-tasting ice

-Artfully shaped Diamond Ice with twist tray technology

-All-Leg Leveling enables faster installation

Refrigerator and Freezer Columns: Mix and Match for the Ultimate Configuration

Craving complete freedom to choose your refrigeration configuration? Look no further than Refrigerator and Freezer columns.

Built-In Refrigerator options include 24”, 30” and 36” designs. For a simple solution for a predetermined space, select the 23.5” Built-In Panel Refrigerator. The 23.5” Refrigerator is made to be paired with any 18” and 24” freezer column unit – together, they’ll perfectly fit into 42” and 48” spaces without the need to adjust existing cabinetry.

Top-level refrigerator column features include:

-ThermaFresh system with advanced cooling technology for precise humidity control and temperature management

-Proprietary Cool Air Flow technology evenly distributes cold air throughout

-SoftClose® hinges gently guides doors shut for a quiet close

-SoftClose® drawers engineered with ultra-smooth glides

-All-Leg Leveling enables faster installation

Thermador also offers a variety of Freezer column sizes – 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” – to perfectly complement your refrigerator. Your freezer includes:

-Proprietary Cool Air Flow technology evenly distributes cold air throughout

-Filtered Automatic Ice Maker for fresh-tasting ice

-Artfully shaped Diamond Ice with twist tray technology

-SoftClose® door hinges enable ultra-smooth closing

-All-Leg Leveling enables faster installation

Wine Refrigeration: A Collector’s Dream

Last, and certainly not least – pop the bubbly and pour one out! Built-In Wine Refrigeration is worth celebrating. Thermador Wine Refrigerators give you the freedom to personalize and take exceptional care of your wine collection. With ample capacity to preserve up to 92 bottles, Wine Refrigerators offer two or three zones to ensure every wine varietal is stored at the optimum temperature and humidity. Wenge wood diamond dowels cradle each bottle, while a Presenter Shelf puts your favorites on display.

From sought-after Sauvignon Blancs to rich red blends, your Wine Refrigeration will ensure your carefully curated wine collection is just as carefully preserved, in style.

Choose between 18”or 24” for those with an extensive collection, and you’ll be able to relish the finer things in life, any day, in the comfort of your home.

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