Spring is officially here, and so, too, are the fresh flowers, warmer weather, and bright colors that this time of year is celebrated for. The start of spring often coincides with a desire to bring warmth and light to our everyday – and when it comes to the home, this sentiment rings even more true! Whether it’s delving into a deep spring clean or adding pops of color to liven up your décor, the spring season is the perfect time to revitalize your surroundings. Here are a few of our top tips to give your home the ultimate refresh.

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Put Away Items You No Longer Need

During the cold winter months, it’s all about keeping warm. But spring marks the start of sunnier days, so instead of keeping those bulky blankets spread out all over your sofa, lighter materials can be brought in to easily update the space. Replace thick throw blankets with lightweight decorative pillows, or tidy up any items you don’t use every day and keep only your daily essentials nearby. To help corral the clutter, a storage basket may come in handy, and can also serve as a stylish accent piece. There’s nothing like freshly added décor to bring new energy and reinvigorate a space!

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Infuse Pops of Color

It wouldn’t be spring without bold pops of color. From mixing bright colors together, to infusing standalone shades, incorporating this style will serve to ground the look of a room. With the use of cushions, rugs and even curtains, you can easily transform the feel of a space. In the kitchen, brightly colored cookware and vases and bold utensils also add a nice seasonal touch, as well as bring a zesty element to an otherwise modest look. For a fresh spring feel, pops of color like sunshine yellow or a vivid turquoise blue provide the perfect complement to striking stainless steel Thermador appliances, and make for a lively design choice that is sure to evoke the feelings of the season.

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Bring the Outside In

With the spring leaves in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to flaunt the fragrant flowers and glorious greenery that the season is known for. If you have large windows with beautiful views, bringing the outside colors into your room can instantly bolster the space. To highlight the outdoors, try dressing windows with subtle treatments to let what’s outside make a statement. Utilizing sliding screens and open doors that seamlessly flow toward the outside is a simple yet effective way to bring more of the natural landscape into your surroundings, as well as elongate the room. If your home is without a view, lush houseplants are a wonderful alternative. A must-have for any home, fresh foliage can be placed in any room, and stand out on shelves and mantels, hang from the ceiling or buff up the bare corners of a space. Your home will perfectly capture the essence of the season!

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