Springtime gatherings in my home begin with a clutter-free kitchen – leaving more space for decorative food displays and beautiful floral accents. One of my favorite parts of the spring season is finding creative new ways to organize my kitchen.

Spice it Up
An idea from Bliss Haus has truly transformed my spice and seasoning storage. Like most, I kept my spices in a high cabinet which was hard to reach and the bottles inside were always fighting for space. Bliss Haus is a company focused on creating ecologically-conscious living in an irresistibly beautiful way. They suggest placing lid-labeled spice bottles in a drawer providing easy access to seasonings while cooking or entertaining.

Refrigerator Refresh
With a Thermador Refrigeration column, organization is simple and striking. The delicate produce bins within the refrigeration unit provide ample storage space for my ingredients and they are easily removable so I can carry them to my counter while preparing a dish. The customizable configuration of bins and shelves offer the ultimate flexibility when I’m organizing fresh foods, jars, or party trays.

Color Coordination
Because I love to entertain and prepare meals for guests, I have an abundance of cookbooks in drawers, cabinets, or on my counters. Every year I like to rearrange how I style them to provide a fresh look, whether that be pages facing out, placed upright on open shelving, or stacked and topped with curated home goods and plants. This year, I am inspired to organize them in an ombré color blocking display. This bright touch of color grabs the attention of guests and brightens a room.

Creative Countertops
Countertops and shelving are the basis to thoughtfully designed displays, providing an exquisite way to store your cooking or baking ingredients for all to see. I love to use glass jars for storing ingredients as they’re beautiful and functional and can be displayed on open shelves, lined on countertops, or stacked in exposed pantries. I love that I can find exactly what I need while preparing a complicated dish for guests.

The Perfect Pair
Organization and function are the perfect pair, which is why I love hanging pots, pans, cutting boards, and cooking utensils in my kitchen. Dangling important cooking tools on a nearby wall makes them easy-to-access while creating a difficult dish, plus it looks clean and beautiful. I love my Downdraft Ventilation for the same reason—it’s out of sight while not in use, and offers five discharge connections so you’re not limited by the space of your kitchen design.

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