Spacious, beautifully designed kitchens with professional style appliances are a true haven for culinary enthusiasts. A rising trend in the homes of real cooks is that they model their guest house kitchen to match the main house kitchen, and some match the appliances in vacation homes to those in their primary homes for a seamless transition when traveling. While guest houses and vacation homes may provide less space than a primary residence, Thermador makes it possible to create an ultimate kitchen complete with professional style appliances in a small space. Even small kitchens can have serious style, innovation and culinary power.30-Inch Range

The 30” Five Burner Pro Harmony® Range is a must-have when designing a kitchen with a limited footprint, as it fits existing 30” range cut-outs and provides the power and performance of a professional style range. This range is equipped with five Star® Burners – two of which offer the exclusive Thermador ExtraLow® simmering feature – to provide more usable cooking space on the surface for the cook who wants to create multiple dishes at once.

The 30” Five Burner Pro Harmony® Range has a surface total of 59,000 BTUs, and it is approved to work in low CFM or recirculation situations with strict ventilation codes, making it ideal for a beachfront vacation condo. This appliance also features design innovation, as it can be installed with zero clearance, flush against a rear wall surface, enabling designers and builders to incorporate special details such as custom tile work behind the appliance.Culinary Preservation Columns

Built-in refrigeration columns offer the ultimate in cooling storage and enable the homeowner to mix and match an array of fresh food, freezer and wine unit options to fit their unique needs. Culinary enthusiasts can select different size columns to perfectly fit within a smaller space without sacrificing storage for fresh ingredients or their entertaining needs.THD Under Counter

Pairing the perfect bottle of wine with a meal is a fine art and culinary enthusiasts will not sacrifice wine storage no matter how small the kitchen space may be. The new under counter Thermador 24” Wine Reserve Refrigerator is a wonderful way to store fine vintages, and it also offers innovative features like vibration control, UV-tempered glass and dual temperature zones to ensure white and red varietals are always chilled to perfection.

In addition to full size Culinary Preservation Columns, entertainers can maximize storage options with the new 24” Double Drawer Refrigerator, also designed to be installed under the counter. This appliance offers three different settings: Refrigeration Mode for additional fresh ingredients, Pantry Mode for items like sugar or flour and Bar Mode to keep beverages chilled at all times.Thermador Kitchen

A professional style kitchen in a small space does not mean the cook needs to sacrifice aesthetic beauty, or the power and performance of their dream kitchen.