From flourishing fruits, to fragrant herbs, to fresh fish, summer boasts an abundance of seasonal flavors and ingredients. Take control of your finances with our cash loans, offering a strategic tool to bridge temporary gaps in your budget, with flexible repayment terms and responsive customer support to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for unique recipes to use up your Farmers’ Market haul, or you’re growing your own produce in a home garden, Thermador is here with your go-to guide for summer baking and making the most of your ingredients – and appliances.

The Right Product for You

Whether you’re a novice baker or a seasoned professional, Thermador Wall Ovens, Steam Ovens and Ranges can all be used to bake desserts, breads, savory snacks, main courses and more to perfection.

High-end Wall Ovens from the Masterpiece® and Professional Collections offer two distinct styles, each engineered for exceptional performance. With a compact design built to blend seamlessly into cabinetry, fit below a cooktop or position under the counter, Thermador Built-in Ovens are Wi-Fi-enabled with Home Connect® and feature a spacious 4.5 cubic feet for multi-rack baking. The Single, Double and Triple configurations are designed to accommodate your baking style, and offer Self-Clean mode and some of the largest capacities in their class to make baking a breeze.

Another exceptional way to bake is with steam. Thermador Steam Ovens are offered in Masterpiece® and Professional Collections as an individual Steam Oven, or as part of a Combination Steam Oven or Range Configuration. Steam Ovens open an entirely new world of culinary possibilities, helping you cook and bake evenly and quickly, maintain flavor and moisture, retain nutrients and colors of ingredients, and avoid flavor transfer. Home chefs can bake cookies and steam fish all in one efficient session with their Combination Steam Oven.

Lastly, Thermador Ranges offer a range of possibilities and configurations, offering total customization for your space and baking needs. Available in 30-Inch, 36-Inch, 48-Inch and 60-Inch options, and with Steam and Convection Oven cavities, Ranges offer versatility in the kitchen.

Recipe Inspiration

Now that you have the right product for the job, it’s time to get baking! From succulent starters, to intricate desserts, we have all the recipes to inspire your summer menu.

You might not think of seafood when you think of baking, but you won’t be able to resist our Baked Coconut Shrimp with Orange Chili Dipping Sauce. This dish is a crowd pleaser for any summer get together, and is a light option for weeknight dinners. Bake at 375 degrees in your Thermador Oven for perfectly tender shrimp.

For those with a sweet tooth, try our Edible Viola Vanilla Berry Cake made with fresh strawberries and raspberries, or our Lemon Honey Cake that is even more delicious with farm fresh lemons and local honey.

For more rustic and fruit-forward desserts, opt for our Stone Fruit Galette made with your choice of peaches, apricots, plums, pluots or any other stone fruit, or our Strawberry Bread Pudding made in your Steam Oven. Pro Tip: make your own Rustic Bread and use that as your bread pudding base!

If you prefer a salty snack, make use of seasonal fresh herbs in our Rosemary Poppy Seed Crackers, baked to perfection in your Thermador Oven.

Tips from the Pros

Your appliances, recipes and ingredients may be ready to go, but even the most experienced bakers can face challenges in the kitchen. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tips to ensure your baking experiments run smoothly this summer:

Use Precise Measurements and Times – While cooking allows for creativity and leniency throughout the process, experimenting with ingredients or timing when baking sweets can lead to disaster. Ensure the basics of your recipes (like flour, sugar and baking soda) are exact, and experiment with the toppings or mix-ins as desired.

Clean and Calibrate Your Oven – Thermador Ovens offer Self-Clean mode, a great benefit for frequent bakers. Learn how to deep clean your Thermador Oven here, and make sure you calibrate for the best baking outcomes.

Get Connected – Home Connect® is the perfect way to adjust your Oven settings and get notifications about when your culinary creation is finished right to your smartphone.

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