Engagement Ring of the Kitchen

While kitchen and design trends are constantly evolving, real cooks will always desire the finest, most innovative appliances to place within the heart of the home. While traditional style kitchens still reign as the most requested design style, leading designers across the U.S. agree that transitional and contemporary styles are on the rise. With white continuing to be the most popular color choice for a more timeless kitchen, regardless of the style, the pop of color from stainless steel and the bold statement a Thermador professional gas range makes will let any guest know this is the home of a real cook.

In addition to the design aesthetics they bring to the kitchen, the cooking appliances are at the core of every dinner, holiday gathering or casual brunch – enabling true culinary creativity and seamless execution. Culinary enthusiasts who are enthusiastically and wholeheartedly passionate and committed to the art of cooking must have the ultimate in power and performance when selecting the cooking appliance to place center stage within their kitchen theater.

Knowing that kitchen personalization is here to stay, and that real cooks have different needs and styles of entertaining, Thermador proudly offers an array of range sizes and features to fit the style and needs of every culinary enthusiast, including:

Pro Grand Steam Range

When it comes to the shining, stand-out appliance of the kitchen, The Thermador Pro Grand® Steam Range is truly the “engagement ring” of the kitchen. Bold, yet timeless, stainless steel encompasses a wide range of features that can transform an ordinary cook into the ultimate chef and entertainer.

While a diamond ring is chosen by the cut, carat, clarity and color of the stone, the Pro Grand® Steam Range is selected by size, innovative features desired, power and performance. Affectionately referred to as the Ultimate Culinary Center™, this appliance provides real cooks with seven different cooking options for their every culinary desire, including: simmering with the ExtraLow® Star® Burner, faster boiling with the 22,000 BTUs Power Burner, griddle or grill cooking, a large capacity convection oven, warming drawer and the industry exclusive Steam & Convection Oven.

This magnificent appliance truly anchors the kitchen, and is the eye-catching piece of kitchen jewelry every real cook will select to make a statement in the kitchen. And, with a variety of surface cooking configurations to choose from, it also caters to a culinary enthusiast’s personal cooking style.


On the other end of the spectrum, we are also seeing growing interest in welcoming professional-style ranges into smaller kitchen spaces, secondary kitchens, or homes with strict ventilation requirements.  For these cooks, the new 30” Five Burner Pro Harmony® Range is the perfect fit. This recently launched innovative appliance is the only professional-style range that can be installed with zero clearance, fully flush against a rear wall surface, allowing for details such as custom tile work to be installed directly behind it. This is also the only 30” professional-style appliance to offer five burners in the luxury segment, providing more usable cooking surface to the culinary enthusiast.

Pro Grand Steam Range

There is simply no comparison when it comes to the look and performance of a Thermador professional range, and coupled together with our ultimate Culinary Preservation Centers, it is the dream duo for every ultimate entertainer’s kitchen.

Whether remodeling or building your dream home from the ground up, Thermador sets the stage for every entertainer and provides appliances for every application. Be inspired.