Whether garden gatherings or outdoor occasions, ‘tis the season of warm weather festivities with family and friends. What better way to create a midsummer menu for everyone than to complement the season’s best flavors with a collection of perfect pairings. Here are my personal favorites.

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While there is no right or wrong choice when selecting your favorite wines throughout the seasons, going with a drier, fruitier wine during the summer is a popular practice that can offset the produce-heavy meals that we indulge in. For me, it just isn’t a celebration without rosé. The quintessential companion for any summer soirée, rosé is the ultimate addition to a variety of meals. One of my favorite dishes to pair it with is a flavor-bursting bruschetta. A summertime staple, I love to serve up this tasty toast during my family celebrations – whether during a large cocktail evening or a small family gathering. I turn to my Thermador 60-Inch Pro Grand® Steam Range for the best broiling results, and while typically topped with tomatoes, garlic and basil, this show-stopping starter can be adorned in a variety of ways and provides the perfect opportunity to incorporate seasonal fruits and veggies.

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For a diverse wine that accompanies an array of summer meals, look no further than a classic Chardonnay. For those who prefer a creamy, rich wine in their glass, an oak-aged bottle is the perfect match. If a lean, dry flavor is more your style, an un-oaked Chardonnay is the way to go. One of my favorite pairings for this wonderful wine is a sumptuous salmon recipe. And during this time of year when fresh seafood is exceptionally plentiful, I’m sure to take advantage of the season’s best. A year-round favorite, my Salmon with Lemon and White Wine Butter Sauce is the ultimate main course on my seasonal menu. Prepared with white wine and fresh lemon juice, I also incorporate my favorite summer herbs – parsley, tarragon, dill and thyme – to boost the taste. My Thermador 60-Inch Pro Grand® Steam Range ensures my salmon is baked just right, packing in every ounce of zest. Served with fresh seasonal vegetables, it’s the perfect way to indulge in all the flavors of summer.

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Another summertime selection that pairs well year-round is a delicious Pinot Noir. With a red hue that is outmatched only by its taste, Pinot Noir evokes the fresh flavors of cherry and summer berries. The ultimate companion to a variety of dishes, I often opt for a glass with my favorite summer dessert. One delicious dish that tops off any meal is a Creamy Chocolate Torte. With a rich dark chocolate coating and melt-in-your-mouth texture, this decadent dessert takes chocolate cake to the next level. And with a light-bodied, silky Pinot Noir to enhance the flavor, it’s a perfect match every time.
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To ensure that my favorite bottles are chilled to perfection and ready for any occasion, I turn to my Thermador Wine Columns. From my 24-Inch Built-In Wine Preservation Column that seamlessly stores up to 98 bottles of wine, to my Under Counter Wine Reserve that makes for the perfect party companion and can be placed in a variety of rooms throughout the home, I can rest assured knowing that my favorite vintages will remain at the optimal temperature.

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What are your perfect pairings for summer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: www.facebook.com/thermador, @ThermadorHome and @Thermador. And to try out my top picks, check out the full recipes below.



Salmon with Lemon and White Wine Butter Sauce

Creamy Chocolate Torte