If you’re looking to create a summertime dish that will brighten up your table, search no further. August is National Peach Month, and I couldn’t be more excited! Loaded with flavor and shimmering with a bold, jewel-toned color, peaches provide the perfect complement to any meal, and can easily hold their own as a standalone dish. Make a midsummer night meal special with a delicious peach cobbler, or sweeten up the flavors of a mixed greens salad by tossing in a few slices. From breakfast to dessert, the season’s juiciest fruit is taking center stage!


If you’re like me, you may plan on using peaches in quite a few recipes this summer before they go out of season. To get the most from this peak time, I love scoping out my local farmer’s market and stocking up on a fresh selection. And with so much produce, it’s essential to have enough refrigerator space to store all my ripe summer pickings. The new Thermador 36” Built-In Refrigerator (coming soon!!) allows for ample storage, and with its Delicate Produce Bins, fruits and veggies will stay fresh until serving time. Kiss your bruised fruit worries goodbye!


While peaches fresh from the fridge are always preferred, one of my favorite dishes to make is peach cobbler. Nothing quite captures the essence of the season more perfectly than a warm bowlful of this delicious dessert! To ensure that the fruit is cooked just right, I turn to the 48” Pro Grand Steam Range. The ultimate culinary center, the steam oven features nine advanced conventional cooking modes. Plus, with the Thermador True Convection, heat is directed to cook food faster and more evenly so you can rest easy knowing that your peaches won’t burn. Warmed to perfection, your cobbler is sure to end on a sweet note!

To celebrate National Peach Month, I’ve compiled my favorite peach dessert recipes from the Thermador kitchen below! There are a ton of fun ways you can incorporate this fuzzy fruit into your summer menu.

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Peach Cobbler



Bellini Pops

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