While my husband and I purchased our house 10 years ago, we finally have the time (and budget!) for a remodel. Which got me thinking—where to start? Here are some quick tips I came up with along the way to help guide the remodel process:

1. All About the Details

Put the details to paper. Begin with a budget, measure your space, write down your wish list of products and finishes, and decide what you would be willing to give up if hard choices need to happen. Before diving into a new home project, step one is always developing a detailed plan.


2. Vision Board

Create an inspiration board to guide you through your remodel.  Whether you are managing the project yourself or working with a designer, gathering your ideas in one place helps you bring your vision to life. My go-to is Pinterest where I search for designs that inspire me, color palettes and matching textures and finishes. Create your own boards to help organize your remodel—color combos, entertaining style, appliances, and more.

3. Personalize the Space
Photo: Beach Cottage Project  

One of the best parts about designing a space is customizing it to your lifestyle. While my life revolves around entertaining and my family, it also revolves around our beloved dog. When we designed our new kitchen, I created a built-in area for our furry friend’s food bowls and comfortable bed. One of my favorite additions to my kitchen was the Under-Counter Refrigeration Unit to hold his fresh food and treats.

4. Pick the Paint

Selecting a paint color is one of the most exciting (and sometimes daunting) parts of the process. My best suggestion is to put choosing a paint color on hold until the permanent pieces are selected and in place. I waited until after our flooring was installed, the cabinets were in, and our furniture and décor were decided on. Using small paint swatches on the wall and considering everything in the space helped me decide which shade best complements the lighting, furnishings and finishes.

5. A Dream Team

Find a builder and designer who understand your vision. I found a great group of amazing designers on Instagram and Pinterest and then picked the one that I clicked with most. It’s so important to be on the same page as your design team—don’t assume they know what you want! Communicate everything from your big picture vision, to the tiny details. Show them your vision board and your favorite designs to better demonstrate your ideas.

6. Make Smart Decisions 

A remodel is the perfect time to make your home smarter—you have the ability to incorporate everything from smart light switches to a hi-tech smart security system to a full suite of connected appliances. Adding smart devices while remodeling will allow for an intentionally designed space, and simpler smart home integration.

7. Know When to Splurge

Decide up-front which purchases are most important in your remodel plan. A great tip a designer once gave me was, “Know what to splurge on.” For me, appliances are at the top of my list. I know that I want a powerful 48-Inch Range as I’m an avid entertainer and love to host large gatherings at my home.

8. Natural Lighting

While often overlooked, the lighting within a space can truly transform the room. From floor to ceiling windows or exceptional skylights, natural lighting can make all the difference in a home. A great tip I received from my designer was to replace small, boxy windows with a full panel of glass to visually broaden the space.

9. Trends vs. Timeless 

Find the balance between timeless design and current trends. Use your remodel as a chance to take calculated risks while designing—it’s the perfect time to experiment! While I usually gravitate toward a more classic style, I chose a bold, trendy backsplash for an accent in my kitchen, knowing that I can always switch it to something a bit more neutral in the future.

10. Overall aesthetic

Mixing design inspiration is a great way to express style as long as the design story throughout the home is a consistent one. Does the plan for your remodel feel cohesive with the rest of the home? While I love mixing and matching design elements, I typically try to weave a certain era, accent color, or theme throughout the full home to provide a consistent feel. No matter what place you’re at with your remodel, you’ll want to check out this new kitchen remodel page for exceptional tips and tricks.

What are the best remodel tips you’d give to a friend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels:  www.facebook.com/thermador@ThermadorHome and @Thermador.


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