Today, Thermador is proud to offer a new sleek design variant for our innovative Freedom® Induction Cooktop. The new trimless Freedom® Induction Cooktop features a sleek, solid black surface that allows it to virtually disappear into the countertop for ultimate integration into kitchen designs.

Like the current version of the cooktop, which features a stainless steel trim around the edge, the trimless version is 36-inches and features the same patented technology and performance that takes induction cooking to new heights. With a natural-mapping user interface, it intelligently recognizes cookware size, shape and position to deliver heat without boundaries, allowing culinary enthusiasts to place pots and pans of any size and shape anywhere on the surface. The Freedom® Induction Cooktop also offers the PowerBoost™ feature that boils water faster than any other technology in its class. Maintaining a spotless surface is also effortless with the cooktop, as spills and boil-overs will not scorch onto the surface, and can be wiped off with just a damp cloth.

With the new cooktop, everything from sautéing to perfecting your sauce or recipe becomes not only effortless, but a joy in itself with its ease of use and minimal clean-up. Innovation and design integrate seamlessly with this new cooktop, turning the culinary enthusiast’s dream into reality!