Our new showroom in Irvine, Calif., isn’t due for completion until early April, but we figure it isn’t too early to at least start bragging about it a little.

On tap is approximately 17,000 square feet of culinary joy, which will be the anchor of our new Irvine headquarters located in the heart of Southern California’s Orange County.

As a bit of an appetizer, we’re sharing some images to show its progress during construction. When it’s finished we’ll have a new home to show culinary enthusiasts the incredible potential of today’s luxury kitchen.

Additionally, our new showroom will instantly become the home for our Ultimate Culinary Kitchen events, numerous luxury appliance summits and, well, just an incredible place to showcase some of the industry’s finest cooking, cooling and dishwashing appliances.

Members of the Thermador team, including Thermador Director of Brand Management Zach Elkin (center), tour the worksite that will host Thermador's 17,000-square-foot showroom.