With a new year comes big dreams and exciting changes! My girlfriend Lindsey and her husband made plans to ring in 2020 with the dream kitchen they’ve always wanted, and I had lots of fun assisting with their remodel journey. They’ve been talking about this remodel for years, but the most challenging part for them was choosing between two exceptional Thermador collections– the Masterpiece® or Professional Collection.

We talked through her vision board and overall aesthetic and she decided three things were essential to their remodel:  luxury appliances, outstanding innovation, and stunning design. She’s always wanted a full Thermador kitchen suite, but she didn’t fully understand the variations between the Masterpiece® and Professional Collection. Take a look at the differences between the two gorgeous collections and find out which one became the highlight of her remodel!

Masterpiece® Collection

She was really struck by how sleek the Masterpiece® Collection is crafted—the appliances are modern and elegant and boast a chic aesthetic that allows for ultimate personalization. I had so much fun showing Lindsey the collection and its emphasis on mixing and matching a variety of products in the same space to deliver unmatched customization. She loved this concept because the blueprint for her remodel has a uniquely-shaped breakfast nook and a large wet bar, and she wanted to be sure her new luxury appliances had the flexibility they needed.

I also had the opportunity to show her how the Masterpiece® Collection was recently revitalized with vibrant color displays, stunning metallic gray glass, and sleek, contemporary handles crafted with high-quality stainless steel. The products are really gorgeous in person and there’s a diverse selection of them: Induction Cooktops, Gas Cooktops, Ventilation, Built-In Coffee Machines, Steam Ovens, Speed Ovens, Wall Ovens, Dishwashers and Refrigeration units—all boasting the same sleek style.

Professional Collection

I had the chance to bring Lindsey and her husband to see the Professional Collection at the Thermador showroom in Irvine. They were both blown away by the prominent features, standout design, and unparalleled power throughout the collection. This is when they realized what a difficult decision they had on their hands! With stunning details like statement-making knobs and dramatic handles with chrome accents, the products are brilliant and bold. Lindsey kept saying her favorite part about this collection was the fact that while its daring, it’s also classic.

The versatile collection is made up of a striking selection of products: Pro Ranges, Ventilation, Rangetops, Wall Ovens, Steam Ovens, Speed Ovens, Dishwashers and Refrigeration units. The Professional Collection is for the power chef with cooking ambitions as great as their bold style, and my friend was so excited to see such exceptional design paired with powerhouse products—especially because she loves to cook.

The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™

Both collections intertwine exceptional design with industry-leading technology that will be so exciting to use while entertaining. The HomeConnect™ app ventures far beyond controlling WIFI appliances from a mobile device.

Enabled in every product category, Home Connect™ is a portal to exceptional culinary experiences across both collections. While using Home Connect™ with her new Thermador WIFI oven, my girlfriend can pre-heat the oven, enable remote start, and adjust other settings remotely. She can also receive notifications when her food is ready to serve to guests. Curated recipes and cooking demos are also available via the Home Connect™ app, along with a variety of features enabled in every product category.

Masterpiece vs Professional?

It was a difficult and exciting decision, and my friends ended up choosing the Professional Collection and couldn’t be happier! They really loved how the Professional Collection seamlessly integrated their design aesthetic with bold innovation. The robust design elements were so eye-catching and created a signature look—from the solid cast metal knobs to radial brushed stainless steel handles that have polished chrome cast metal end-caps. They are thrilled with their decision.

The Products They Chose

48-Inch Professional Range
Lindsey was so excited to add a 48-Inch Pro Grand® Range to her kitchen—the blue metallic knobs add the perfect pop of color. The Pro Range is a true showstopper in her space, and she loves the fact that it has steam and convection capabilities, along with a cooktop with features such as the indoor griddle, grill, and Liberty™ Induction Module.

Star Sapphire
Lindsey was thrilled to make the Star Sapphire part of her kitchen remodel, as she’s had her eye on it since learning about Zeolite™ feature, a Thermador drying solution. Without the use of chemicals, and with no need for replenishment, StarDry™ with Zeolite™ can even dry containers with hard-to-reach crevices.

Under Counter Double Drawer

Lindsey and her husband also added a 24-Inch Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigerator to their sleek wet bar area for craft beer bottles and cocktail ingredients. Because their layout was unique and compact, it was the perfect addition to their space. She went on and on about the seamless integration into the kitchen design, and the Professional handles added a bold look.

36-Inch Refrigeration Column

The final addition to their remodel was a 36-Inch Professional Refrigeration Column. Lindsey was so excited about this product because of its delicate produce bins—she’s is a frequent farmer’s market shopper and loves incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into her cooking.

While it was a difficult decision, Lindsey and her husband are thrilled with the Professional Collection. Which collection would you select, Masterpiece® or Professional? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: www.facebook.com/thermador@ThermadorHome and @Thermador.