With winter snow and cold in full swing, preparing a juicy, grilled steak, scallops or vegetables may seem just a dream. Not anymore! Thermador is proud to announce that a new Professional Grill surface cooking feature, which complements the Pro Rangetop, Pro Harmony® and Pro Grand® Ranges, is available to culinary enthusiasts who are ready to bring the grilling experience indoors all year round.

The innovative design of the Professional Grill enables culinary enthusiasts to enjoy a cooking experience that more closely resembles using an outdoor grill – with genuine smoky flavor, fast preheating and outstanding searing. It also features two different cooking zones that enable foods, such as meats and vegetables, to be grilled simultaneously at different temperatures – for optimal results every time.

In fact, this is the only indoor Professional Grill to offer exceptional grilling performance while minimizing flare-ups. This is made possible by grill grates designed to fully cover the electric heating elements underneath, which help prevent oils and sauces from falling directly onto the heating element and flaring up. In addition, because the grill grates sit directly on the electric heating element, they require minimal time to preheat and provide outstanding searing capabilities.

Underneath the heating element are ceramic briquettes, which further help to distribute more even heating. In addition, as they collect the drippings from the foods being cooked above, they provide the genuine smoky flavor that enhances a deliciously grilled meal.

Once the meal is prepared and enjoyed, cleanup is a breeze. The entire grilling unit can be disassembled for easy cleaning, and the grill grates and drip pans can be placed into the dishwasher. Meanwhile, the ceramic briquettes can be used multiple times, and when it is time to clean them they simply need to be placed into a boiling pot of water for approximately 20 minutes.

Visit our website, www.thermador.com, for recipes to keep the summer grilling going all year round!